Aaron Donald not expected at Rams workouts

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The Rams have acknowledged that defensive tackle Aaron Donald is set for a big contract extension several times, but nothing’s been signed at this point and it appears that will keep them from working with Donald for at least the early part of their offseason program.

According to multiple reports, Donald is not expected to report to work when the Rams kick off the first stage of their workout program on Monday. The workouts are voluntary until the Rams make it to their mandatory minicamp in June.

Donald’s absence does not come as a surprise. The absence of a contract extension led Donald to stay away from the Rams last offseason and skip training camp as well before returning for the regular season. The missed time didn’t hurt Donald on the field, but getting a deal done would clear a big item from the Rams’ to-do list while also making Donald happy after a long wait for a new deal.

That wait has featured many other moves by the Rams, including the acquisition of Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh and Aqib Talib this offseason. They’ll busy themselves with acclimating those new players into the team while the Donald saga plays out again this year.

11 responses to “Aaron Donald not expected at Rams workouts

  1. Well I sincerely hope that he doesn’t show up at all this season. I’m sure Sam Bradford shares my thoughts as well… He is a monster on the field…

  2. Give this man his money! I think Les Snead thinks by talking about Donald getting this mega pay day is supposed to humor Donald but I think Donald wants that check now, he has wanted it the last couple years.

  3. Long term contracts to DTs … not many work out. And a lot are classic busts. Buyer beware.

  4. redlikethepig like which ones? Ones that didn’t work out like Haynesworth there were plenty of signs that paying a lazy player guaranteed money wouldn’t work out but nothing to do with position. Suhs deal with Dolphins wasn’t horrible either the bigger issue there was his attitude not his play at the position so please let’s hear some examples?

  5. well now it seems like they are trying to trade him.

    offered him for beckham, or for picks to draft daron payne?

    suh will command less next year, and is comparable in skill at least.

    worst case even if they donald walk they still got a huge discount the past 2 or 3 years?

    franchising him would be a discount, and less long term exposure?

    i’m not a gm.

  6. simplec72 Which is easier to do, a 1 year deal that your only looking at cap room for 1 year or a multi year deal where your trying to see how much money you want to allocate to each position and what other players want extensions in the coming years but yea Suh and his 1 year deal is the same as Donald and a multi year deal. Geeze you really are simple.

  7. Rams have him under contract.I am sure the deal will get done, but I expect it to be next year, not this year.

    He can hold out all he wants, but he will eventually start losing money.

    It’s a business after all.

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