After three more drafts, Mike Mayock may move on


Mike Mayock has become over the past 15 years one of the top NFL draft experts. After this draft, we may be benefiting from his expertise for only three more of them.

“I signed a five-year deal a year and a half ago so after this draft I have another three drafts,” Mayock tells Richard Deitsch of “At that point, I want to take a step back. The draft is all-encompassing and I love it but at age 62 [in three years] I might want to coach a high school team. There is a part of me that wants to get involved on the football side, whether it is in the NFL or coaching defensive backs at a local high school.”

Mayock added that he has been “fairly close” to accepting a front-office job with an NFL team on a couple of occasions, and that he “would be very interested” is the “right situation” with the “right people” arose.

Mayock, who previously served as game analyst for NBC’s Notre Dame football broadcasts and NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football, reiterated frustrations regarding his inability to get another broadcasting job.

“I am an older guy who has done it and most people associate me as the ‘draft guy’ and they are looking for both younger and guys immediately coming out of the league,” Mayock said. “On the one hand, I get some of it. On the other hand, I think they are missing the point that it should be about quality first.”

When it comes to quality, few provide as much as Mayock when it comes to the draft. If he walks away from it after the 2021 draft, NFLN will have big shoes to fill.

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  1. I like his approach. Would love to grab a beer and talk football with him. He clearly doesn’t want to make this his life like Kiper and Mccshay.

  2. I remember when Mayock came onto the draft scene about 10-12 years ago and he was so much fun to listen to because of his knowledge and the unique terms he would use to describe players. He has really become a staple of the NFL Draft and has attracted many casual fans to become much more interested in Draft weekend. I don’t think it would really be the same without him and I hope he reconsiders.

  3. I would love to see him replace Joe Buck. I have no idea what the deal is with Joe Buck, i hate listening to games with him talking.

  4. Mayock is awesome. You could tell he was frustrated at the last draft, with some of the silliness going on (zoo animals giving picks, etc). He’s a football guy. Whatever he does, he’ll do well. He should go to Arizona St – let Herm have him coach up the DBs.

  5. Wasn’t this the same salty old crab who just a few days ago was whining about not getting a seat in primetime booth? Now he wants to take a step back? Make up your mind old man. And learn to smile or laugh at a joke now and then.

  6. He should go into consulting and help clueless GMs like Elway evaluate draft prospects.

  7. It would really be a shame. Those of us who have watched the draft religiously all of our lives appreciate how knowledgeable this guy actually is. When he talks about analyzing film and breaking down prospects, he actually means it. It’s actually something he has done and formed an opinion on. Many of the rest of the “experts” are actually no more informed than you or I, and form opinions based on what the real experts like Mayock are saying. Listening to them all speak, you can quickly determine that.

    Losing him would be a big blow. I personally watch NFLN for draft coverage because of him.

  8. You could tell he was frustrated at the last draft, with some of the silliness going on (zoo animals giving picks, etc).
    I was too. The draft is suppose to be about the prospects. It’s not suppose to be about some presenter trying to go viral on the internet. I’d prefer to go back to having professional presenters so the draftees and go back to being front and center.

  9. This is probably a negotiating ploy to get a seat in the booth. I can’t see him stepping away from the NFL Network to coach high school. Some NFL team could probably benefit from adding him to their scouting department if their egos would allow it.

  10. Mike Mayock is absolutely fantastic. He’s even better as a color commentator during games, and it’s a shame he doesn’t call games more often.

    Then again, given his age I can understand why he doesn’t want to deal with the travel and prep necessary for all that. If he does go into coaching or a front office position somewhere he’ll be great at it.

  11. patsfan4lifesbchamps says: “He should go into consulting and help clueless GMs like Elway evaluate draft prospects.”

    You mean how Mayock ranked Montee Ball over Le’Veon Bell, Weeden over Cousins, Gabbert over Newton, Gresham over Gronkfowski, Mark Sanchez over Stafford, or Manziel over Carr and Bridgewater…?

  12. Second that Joe Buck is terrible to listen to. His smug sarcastic attitude offers nothing to any broadcast regardless of sport. He simply isn’t his father and not even close.

  13. Moyok is a fraud – he failed to detect the fraud of the Great Gimmick before Washington selected him and advocated for the Skins to move up.

    I, however, was not blinded by the spin of this clown Gimmick – I saw his lack of leadership and he used his legs to mask that he could not read a defense nor did he play using an offensive playbook – something that proved to be over his head in mastering in the pros since he never anticipated where receivers should be and throwing – he released when they were open and was easily sacked because of his glacial release of the football.

  14. I don’t get it, I thought he was fantastic when I listened to him doing games. He knows all the players, he has studied them. Mayock to me will be sadly missed when he goes, he is the main reason I followed the draft so closely for the last 15 years.

  15. To true football people, Mayock is as good as it gets in the booth. The problem is, he doesn’t appeal to the casual fan as much as Tony Romo making weird noises and Jon Gruden and his turkey holes.

  16. Mayock is fantastic at the draft. He is very painful to listen to as a color analyst. All he does is talk about this guys combine, when he has already been in the league for years. “Oh, I loved JJ Watt coming out of Wisconsin. Quick hips, gets horizontal off the edge, and a great motor. His 40 was great for a guy his size, so I knew he would go in the first round.”

  17. Take up coaching at 62, huh? Mayock reminds me of the Pats fanboys who believe Brady will be slinging the ball around, still, at 50. Mike: reality-check – you don’t live forever, bro.

  18. I think he’s great at what he does for the draft. But he’s painful to listen to during a game. A play by play guy with a lisp is more rare than 5′ 5″ QB.

  19. The problem is, the draft has become a circus event with the way they announce the picks. It’s not that serious and all the top guys choosing to stay home instead of walk across the stage.

  20. Love listening to Mayock talk football.
    Whether it’s the Draft or in the booth, Mike knows
    what he is talking about. His no-nonsense approach
    appeals to me, and I like the insight he brings.

    I can see why casual fans would want a more colorful delivery
    but there are many other analysts who bring that. Nothing wrong
    with fans learning something about the game, while still being
    entertained. You can trust what Mayock describes is going on.

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