Baker Mayfield’s last-minute visits include Broncos, Cardinals


There are plenty of people who think Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will be a top three pick, but he’s taking a few visits this week with teams picking lower.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Mayfield is visiting the Broncos today, and will go from Denver to Arizona to meet with the Cardinals.

The Broncos, picking fifth, have some options at quarterback since they signed Case Keenum in free agency and have a former first-rounder in Paxton Lynch they might not want to Hackenberg yet.

The Cardinals, currently in the 15th spot, are beyond the range most think the top four quarterbacks will be available.

But even after signing Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon (or specifically because they signed Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon), they’d be interested in a young quarterback to add to the mix.

9 responses to “Baker Mayfield’s last-minute visits include Broncos, Cardinals

  1. This kid has swagger that Siemen doesn’t. Can’t see him cryin on the bench after getting pulled. Talks a big game – sounds like someone Johnny Long Tooth and the Donks can’t resist.

  2. If I were the Broncos, I would go all in on Case Keenum this year and get players who can help him do well. If it doesn’t work out, you can always take a quarterback with a high draft pick next year. If it does, you could make the playoffs and build the rest of your team.

  3. I like Case Keenum, but lets face it, he went from a good team to a bad team. This is Elway’s way of saying “I tried to get a QB” when Case is not as effective this year as he was last year.

  4. If the Broncos can land Mayfield, more power to them. Case Keenum will be a great starter but having Paxton Lynch as his backup worries me. Lynch has not shown the ability to lead a team …yet. This kid could fill the bill as a backup and possibly a starter down the road. God knows the Broncos couldn’t be any worse at the QB position than they were last year.

  5. Wouldn’t be bad for them to try out Mayfield, but if I were Denver, I would honestly either trade down or select my best rated player and have Lynch start the season. That’s the only way to salvage the first rounder for him, and his last start wasn’t actually that bad. His problem is his fragility. He didn’t get enough starts for anyone to really see if he is worth starting, but even if he isn’t, Denver can use this draft to restock at positionso f need-namely RT, WR3, TE, HB, DT, and ILB. Besides those needs, nearly every position (with the exceptions of WR1, WR2, CB, OLB, and the safeties) would benefit from new talent. If Lynch stinks it up as many suspect he would, the Broncos will have a better team for the QB they will be able to pick high in 2019.

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