Brandon Beane: Draft can be success if we don’t take a QB


Bills General Manager Brandon Beane knows that his quarterback decisions will be a big part of how his job performance is rated in the years to come.

At a press conference on Monday, Beane called getting a franchise quarterback one of the “main jobs” for any NFL General Manager and the lack of one in Buffalo has led many to predict that Beane will move to select a quarterback in the first round. The Bills moved up to the No. 12 spot in a trade with the Bengals and have five other picks in the first three rounds to use as capital for a move that could push them even higher in the order.

Beane kept all of his options on the table on Monday, saying that the draft can be successful even without taking a quarterback because “there are a lot of good players in this draft” and that a trade might not materialize.

“I know everybody assumes we’re trading up,” Beane said, via Mike Rodak of “Even if I wanted to trade up — I know the guy and what it takes — it takes a partner to be able to move up.”

Beane said the team’s meetings with this year’s crop of quarterbacks have revealed them to be “great young men.” We’re a little more than a week away from finding out if any will call Buffalo home.

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  1. AKA if we can’t trade up we’re keeping our picks, drafting BPA, and running with AJ McCarron. It’s not an ideal plan, but it’s not a bad one either.

  2. But only if you trade for Nick Foles. I think trading up for a rookie would be an utter catastrophe and set the Bills back years. But rolling with AJ McCarron is not an option any sober person would entertain. Take best player available at 12, trade pick 22 for Foles, and take a rookie QB in round 2. Foles then mentors your rookie for a few seasons.

  3. Mmmm. Sure. Holes would be filled fast and furiously with all those picks. But it would be a shame with this year’s QB talent and that much leverage. I think Brandon’s just being coy, though. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. draft the spots you are at. With all those QB’s going in the top 5 better players are going to fall. draft the BPA at every spot. IF.. and that is a big IF… Lamar Jackson falls to day 2 and you don’t have to give up too much to get him go get him. Taking Tre White paid off huge last year, they obviously have the ability to see talent. We need 2 O Line Men, a Wide out and a middle LB.. IF they ended up getting VanderEsch along with Ridley in round 1 I would be more than happy

  5. In Buffalo, Brandon Beane is refereed to as bb, not to be confused with his division rival BB.

  6. So, so so many holes to fill on this roster. I really hope Buffalo keeps all their picks & drafts quality players instead of using all those picks for a QB they MIGHT hit on. This QB crop is highly overrated & all the hype is based on team needs at QB.

    Buffalo really has zero chance at any success this season they just lost the entire left side of their offensive line, & have no WR’s to throw to anyway even if they drafted a QB. Bills looking like a team with a top 10 pick in next year’s draft anyway. Scoop a QB then

  7. .
    Don’t be surprised if the Bills double down and parlays some of this year’s draft capital into the next. There’s usually several teams will make next year’s #1 available in a package that brings them a#1 this year. If I were the Bills GM that’s what I would do. I’d use McCarron for a year and be flush with draft picks to make my move for a QB next year.

  8. After the draft, the owner… Kim Peluga will announce the team is committed to Buffalo…This is their mantra… And the same fans who threw keys to the city to TO when he signed will act as if it’s a commitment… This is a dysfunctional organization.

  9. Bart Starr, Joe Namath and Ken Stabler… then nothing but an empty vessel from ‘Bama QBs.

    Do ya really think AJ McCarron is gonna take the Bills to The Big Game (Super Bowl)?

    Dream on…

  10. Save your picks. Us them on other places of need. Don’t draft a qb. Ride with the qbs you have this year. Sometime in the near future trade for Foles,(maybe next yrs #1). Will have cap space to give Foles a new contract next yr. Holes will be filled through the draft and you will be bringing in a proven experienced qb.

  11. I can’t believe people keep saying we need to fill the roster with all the holes. WE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE JIM KELLY!!!!! IT’S NOT WORKING! You traded out of a QB last year. You BETTER make the moves to get one this year!

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