Byron Jones moves from safety to cornerback

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Byron Jones introduced himself as a cornerback Monday, via multiple tweets. That means the Cowboys have made the anticipated move with Jones, who spent most of his first three seasons at free safety.

He last played corner in his rookie season of 2015 when he started four games there.

Jones, a former first-round pick, played 86.5 percent of the defensive snaps last season, all at safety. The Cowboys, though, reduced his snaps in the final four games last season. Jones has had trouble in run support and has only two career interceptions.

He joins Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis and Anthony Brown at corner. Xavier Woods can play corner and safety, and Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier both play safety.

New secondary coach Kris Richard likes bigger corners, and Jones is 6 foot, 205 pounds. The Cowboys still are trying to find out what Jones is, apparently deciding what he isn’t, making a decision on his fifth-year option an interesting one.

“I think it’ll be a good move for me and the team,” Jones said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s been something that as soon as [coach] Richard came in that’s what he was talking about. He wanted to move me to corner, so we had a discussion, and he made the move.”

11 responses to “Byron Jones moves from safety to cornerback

  1. Idiots here will say Jones isn’t any good. He’s rarely been used for his intended coverage/center field role, and often lined up near the LOS and/or man up on big TEs (and covered them well). Also, when Dallas “reduced his snaps” later last season, it was to play developing tackle machine Kavon Frazier more, IN RUN SITUATIONS. No reason to use your strong cover guy when trying to stonewall the run. And by the way, Jones has been a very solid pick for a 27th overall selection…you should see how many giant bust DBs are often drafted in that range.

  2. Preformed really well at the combine. But just hasn’t had those abilities show up on the field. Not a player you build a cast around as a 1st round pick.

  3. Another sign that Jones is a bust. You cannot
    start him. He can’t or won’t tackle. He will try to
    tackle but usually ducks his head or dives at the
    runners feet. Forget him taking on a running back
    on a sweep.
    Maybe he can play nickel but even though he has
    long speed he doesn’t seem to be able to play
    man to man and mirror a wideout.
    You can’t win in the NFL when you wiff on your
    first round picks.

  4. Does not thirst for the physical contact necessary to be a run stopping safety…half assed jersey grabber at best who refuses to put a shoulder in…great athleticism and size for a cover corner

  5. I was never behind the idea of taking Jones – a pure natural and gifted CB – and moving him to safety. I understand the reasoning, some thought it would put all the best DBs on the field at once. Just because a player is a natural at corner does not justify starting him at Safety. Two different animals.

  6. One other comment ..this is an example of when teams should
    learn to bail out of their first round pick when the player or
    players they truly want are off the board. The Cowboys pick
    of Travis Fredrick is a great example. They traded down and
    picked an All- Pro Center.
    If possible the first round pick should be a football player
    not a combine star. If the Combine guy is your only
    alternative …trade back!!!

  7. A poor draft pick when the plan was to get a S, and the best S on the board in Landon Collins. The Cowboys were set at CB in Carr and Mo.

  8. Jones looked great at corner his rookie year, and for about half a heartbeat there was great feeling that he would be the one to nudge Scandrick or Carr (nothing against either of those two-they were frequently misused on the outside and in zone coverage respectively) out of town. Then they moved him to safety, which was a headscratcher, but the guy showed some promise before his position changed. This is the better move-even if he fails, he will do so at his natural position. If not, he’ll actually be able to show his real value and hopefully the team will get better with him.

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