Lamar Jackson visiting the Bengals

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The Bengals traded down in the first round with a team that wants to acquire a quarterback.

They may still be able to themselves, or at least may be interested in it.

According to Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson was in the locker room Monday, a pretty good indication he was taking a pre-draft visit.

The Bengals pick 21st, after the deal with the Bills which saw them also acquire left tackle Cordy Glenn. The Bills wanted to get to the 12th pick to be in better position to find a quarterback of their own.

The Bengals have always expressed nothing but confidence in starter Andy Dalton, but they need a backup after A.J. McCarron went to Buffalo in free agency. And while Dalton and Jackson are only similar in that neither of them have ever been in my kitchen, the possibility of adding a talent such as Jackson has to intrigue a Bengals team that has fallen flat lately.

9 responses to “Lamar Jackson visiting the Bengals

  1. Wouldn’t be a bad pick at number 21. I doubt Lamar Jackson gets past the Cardinals at pick 15 though. Sam Bradford is not a long term option and Mike Glennon is no option at all…

  2. Yeah…. let’s draft a potential backup in the first round…. the 21st pick no less… sure for way to success.

  3. I have no idea if Jackson will do well in the NFL but after 25 years without a playoff win and Mike Brown refusing to ever fire Marvin, you might as well try something different.

  4. 700levelvet says:
    April 16, 2018 at 2:36 pm
    Yeah…. let’s draft a potential backup in the first round…. the 21st pick no less… sure for way to success.

    All the top QB’s are potential back-ups this year. Allen has been thrown around as a potential #1 pick and he has terrible accuracy and footwork and needs 2 years on the bench before he plays.

    Last time i checked Rodgers was picked around 21 and sat for 3 years and it worked out pretty good for Green-Bay. So I don’t think taking Jackson at 21 is a bad move.

  5. Ugh, this would be a foolish pick for the Bengals in the first round. Marvin is in a win now mode. Center/Oline, pass rush, and run stopping is the most pressing need for this team right now. This pick would be wasteful in trying to get back to or win a playoff game this year or next. Jackson is not a win now pick. If he is the pick, then this is a Mike Brown pick and will be forced on the next coach after Marvin, leading to another spiral of losing until Mike Brown is no longer in control of the Bengals.

  6. Barring an incredible visit with the Bengals, and everyone else passing on him, there’s no way Jackson is the Bengals first pick. There are too many holes at other positions to fill. This is the part of the draft prep that is all due diligence and smokescreen.

    No team wants to let everyone else know what they are doing, so they throw in some random visits with every possible player. Worst case is that they like someone who falls, or they get some intel on a guy they could be playing against. Every team does it. Nothing to see here

  7. He wouldn’t make the Bengals any better than Dalton unless he brought a replacement head coach with him. Carson Palmer, with Chad and TJ, and Andy Dalton with AJ, both would have won playoff games with better head coaches.

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