Monday morning one-liners

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Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander explained why the start of the offseason program is important.

The Dolphins get their team back together on Monday.

What to know about Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski‘s expected absence from workouts.

Clarity on the Jets’ quarterback plans is coming.

Breaking down the Ravens’ 2018 opponents.

Will the Bengals add cornerbacks in the draft?

Could the Browns draft someone other than a quarterback with the first overall pick?

Steelers wide receivers coach Darryl Drake is excited to work with Antonio Brown.

Senior Director of Sports Performance Luke Richesson works with Texans players for the first time on Monday.

The top plays from Colts S Malik Hooker‘s rookie season.

How much prime time exposure will the Jaguars get this season?

Cornerbacks have been popular pre-draft visitors for the Titans.

How will the safeties stack up for the Broncos?

The Chiefs signed another running back.

The Chargers are stronger at cornerback than safety.

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch stopped by Fresno State’s spring football practice.

An argument that the Cowboys should trade up in the first round.

Predicting the Giants schedule for the 2018 season.

Did the Eagles act too soon in releasing CB Daryl Worley?

Is LSU RB Derrius Guice a target for the Redskins in the draft?

Do the Bears need to add to their defensive line?

The Lions probably can’t avoid adding a running back in the draft.

Adding a quarterback in the draft could make sense for the Packers.

QB Kirk Cousins has his first workout with the Vikings on Monday.

Should the Falcons make a play for Dez Bryant?

Greg Olsen isn’t sweating the possibility that the Panthers draft a tight end.

Saints QB Drew Brees tried his hand at presenting awards.

Will the Buccaneers draft a player coached by Greg Schiano at Ohio State?

The Cardinals have a new backfield makeup this year.

DT Aaron Donald‘s contract situation remains unsettled with offseason work getting underway.

Will the 49ers draft Georgia LB Roquan Smith?

Are the Seahawks going to trade S Earl Thomas?

3 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. >>Clarity on the Jets’ quarterback plans is coming.

    1. Draft a QB

    2. Cut Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty

    Then the only question is: is the rookie good enough to start at the beginning of the season or halfway through. If the rookie is not good enough to start this year, then you likely drafted a bust/disappointment. If after 4 years the GM hasn’t done a good job drafting and blows a #3 pick on a bust then it’s time to move on.

  2. I read the Philly article.

    It just goes to show that if a team thinks your talent is worth the hassle they will keep you (ie Michael Bennett) no matter what it is. If they don’t you are toast. Maybe this is the aberration maybe it isn’t, this should show that players need to stop taking their actions for granted.

    It is interesting that the media as well as a lot of other seem to think that it is the responsibility of the team to help the players when they screw like it is a responsibility of theirs. The responsibility is that of the players, not the team. If the team wants to help then great, but they aren’t and should not be compelled to. These are grown men, that constantly talk about respect both getting it and not getting it. How can you expect people to respect you when you don’t respect yourself? And when the PA and other players defend these players it only makes them look bad as well.

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