Paul Posluszny bids farewell: “I’d rather be a year too early than one play too late”

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The Jaguars said goodbye to Paul Posluszny with a retirement ceremony Monday. The linebacker announced his retirement March 13.

“I absolutely loved being a Jacksonville Jaguar,” Posluszny said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I tried to give everything that I could to [the organization] while I had the privilege of serving here. Thank you for sharing your locker room with me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it for the time I was here. It was an honor and it was pleasure. I loved every minute of it.

“I love the game too much and I respect it too much to not be able, physically, to do everything that I’ve done in years past. If that’s a year too early, I’ll regret it, but I’d rather be a year too early than one play too late.”

Posluszny played 145 career regular-season games, making 1,381 tackles, 15 interceptions and 16 sacks.

“I promise you, as soon as I met [Poz], I knew I had a guy I could trust, and who I could depend on – and I love him,” said linebacker Telvin Smith, who introduced Posluszny. “I’ve never met a better man than [Poz]. I’ve never had a better teammate than you. I promise I won’t let you down. I love you. I appreciate you. And forever, you have a place as my brother.”

14 responses to “Paul Posluszny bids farewell: “I’d rather be a year too early than one play too late”

  1. I bet Mark Sanchez wished he had said this right before Thanksgiving 2012…

  2. The guy was nothing but class. Always around the ball. Knew the calls and because he played in a small market, will never get the recognition he deserved. He was a beast. Just as good as Urlacher. Will miss ya!

  3. Integrity, honesty and class are words that come to my mind when
    I watched this man play and lead. The NFL was a better league with this
    man. He will be missed.
    I’m sure we will hear more about him when he starts his
    next career where he will someday run a company.
    In fact this is a guy who the NFL owners should look to
    put in the front office. Who better to handle disciplinary
    issues? Maybe some of that class may rub off onto
    Commissioner Goodell. Not sure of he could teach
    Roger how to be humble.

  4. Love the reference to Paul’s chin. He may have the best
    chin since Kirk Douglas. Ironically the two best
    chins Paul’s and Bill Cowher, both come from
    Pittsburgh and both played linebacker with
    great intensity.

  5. THe worst part of all this is that I will forever wonder whether or not Poz would be a HoF if he had played in a bigger market. NYG, Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, maybe San Fran? There’s no way of telling for sure, but his name would surely come up more. Guy was a beast. And classy, reliable, and a great mentor to the young guys.

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