Report: Browns not interested in Dez Bryant

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The Browns signed Jarvis Landry to a five-year extension worth $75.5 million Friday. That leaves them uninterested in pursuing Dez Bryant, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

So far reports have surfaced of more teams not interested in Bryant than interested in him. The Ravens reportedly are interested.

The Cowboys released Bryant on Friday, relieving them of his $12.5 million base salary and his $16.5 million salary cap number. His departure saves them $8 million in salary cap space.

The Browns didn’t seem a logical landing spot considering what they paid Landry and with Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon on their roster. They do not have enough footballs to go around to pacify another big-name receiver.

They have not shopped Coleman but would listen to offers over draft weekend, per Cabot.

17 responses to “Report: Browns not interested in Dez Bryant

  1. Another good decision by the Browns. Dez isn’t the type of guy you want around a young team that’s trying to find an identity and trying to unify.

  2. Dez Bryant – for all his faults and I do think his skills are slipping – is not a QB killer. He was killed by a QB who isn’t as good as the media and the hype want to make him out to be. Or at least helped along the way.

    I am glad the Browns don’t want him. They don’t need him. Oh….and I am pretty sure Dez will play anywhere someone will pay him, something.

  3. I have the distinct feeling that Dez is going to be surprised about the lack of interest at what he thinks is his contract value. He’ll take a one year “prove it” deal, put up mediocre numbers, and then blame that team (and probably the Cowboys, somehow) when his declining skill set makes itself apparent.

  4. Dez, this is your wake up call. Veteran minimum on line 2; prove yourself on line 1. Please hold.

  5. terripet says:
    April 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm
    Who would be he is a quarterback killer
    10 TDs a year, even with down years type of quarterback killer. Some people shouldn’t write on message boards.

  6. Dez finally getting the wake up call.

    – You are just not worth that kinda money
    – Keep your mouth shut and just thank Dallas. Trying to blackball anyone is a huge red flag. You scared away at least 5 teams with your exit rant.
    -Thank Dallas for drafting you and for making you a multimillionaire.
    – Say you are interested in top notch performance, not revenge to a team that made your dream come true.
    -just shut up Dez!

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