Report: Ravens interested in Dez Bryant

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If the Cowboys had released receiver Dez Bryant before the Raiders released receiver Michael Crabtree, the Ravens may have pursued Bryant instead of Crabtree. They may pursue Bryant anyway.

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens are interested in Bryant.

The question becomes whether Bryant is interested in the Ravens, and whether the two sides can find an acceptable financial middle ground.

Beyond Crabtree, the Baltimore receiving corps consists of Breshad Perriman, John Brown, DeVier Posey, Chris Moore, and Tim White. So, yeah, the Ravens possibly could use a guy like Dez.

If Dez decides he could use a team like the Ravens.

57 responses to “Report: Ravens interested in Dez Bryant

  1. Mr. Personality, Joe “Jump Ball” Flacco, would love Dez grabbing 50% of his lobs for many seasons to come.

  2. Ravens please don’t. You need explosive play makers, not someone else who can’t really separate anymore. I know this formula has seemed to work, but you thought Dez went nuts on Romo and Dak, wait till Flacco can’t get him his touches….

  3. Raven’s have a pretty motley group of receivers. A bunch of WR castoffs from other teams. Dez would easily be the #1 receiver. The questions is, is Dez even a #1 receiver? The guy can’t run routes very well anymore and can’t get separation from DB’s after his injury years ago. Most of his big plays are were jump balls. He’s like a more talented Treadwell. I think he would perform better with a team with a better QB. I’d go for the SF 49ers, Green Bay, Patriots.

  4. The Ravens have never been able to draft receivers and are always chasing veteran receivers that may be pass their prime. Not saying Dez is but if I was him I wouldn’t sign with them. They just don’t have the offense or QB that would allow a receiver to shine. Sign a 1 year prove it deal with a team that has a good QB and fits your skill set then use it as a spring for 2019 free agency.

  5. If John Brown can stay healthy,pair him with Crabtree, it instantly becomes a deadly combo. They don’t need dez

  6. I’m betting Dez takes a pass on the Ravens. First, their salary cap situation is not the best and I’m sure Dez will look for top dollar. Second, Joe Flacco’s skills have been in decline for the past couple of years and he’s just not that accurate anymore. Third, Bryant’s skills have also declined over the same period. After all we’re talking about a 30 year old Dez, not a 24 year old Dez.

    Besides, I’m reading he wants to stay in the NFC East for payback purposes. I think it’s a long shot.

  7. Why should the Ravens have any interest in Bryant? I actually like Bryant and think he has a couple of good years left, but Crabtree does the same things Bryant does. What they need is a young WR with reliable hands and some speed who can stretch the field. D.J. Moore is the perfect receiver to team up with Crabtree and John Brown. Signing Bryant is just wasting cap money that may need to be spent on OL (Will Yanda and Lewis stay healthy? Are Skura and Hurst capable of starting at C and RT, respectively?) or at LB (Who will start next to Mosley at ILB?), depending on what they do in the draft.

  8. It’s obvious no other team in the league will overpay Dez either. If Dez wants to make ANY money this season, he will take what he can get. As of right now, there are no teams falling over themselves for the guy.

  9. Ravens wont be able to pay him much this year with their limited cap space. All depends on what Dez will settle for.

  10. Wow – I actually agree w/ TyLaw. Ravens love having disruptive forces like RLewis, TFizzle etc Dez provides that – in the locker room, of course. Actually, the most entertaining landing spot for Dez is NYG. ODB would probly try to take Dez’ head off, like he did to Josh Norman.

  11. The question becomes whether Bryant is interested in the Ravens

    That may not matter since it doesn’t seem anyone else is interested in Bryant.

  12. Don’t see him fitting with the Ravens even though signing older receivers is the only way we usually fill that position we have an unbroken 22-year record of not being able to draft one – kinda like the Browns drafting QB’s

  13. After two years with scatter shot Prescott he’s gonna think johnny unitas is throwing to him

  14. Ravens are the only team to have never had a WR make the Pro Bowl. Randy Moss and Jerry Rice in their primes couldn’t even make Flacco look good. Flacco is overpaid and the antithesis of a leader.

  15. Well, if Dez winds up with the Ravens, I’m sure that Ray Lewis will be more than happy to take him under his wing and “show him God’s way”. If I were Dez, I’d keep looking… who wants to hear a guy preaching gibberish that makes no sense to him every day?

  16. Ravens brought in a over 30 polarizing receiver a few years back and it worked out pretty well. The difference I think is that Dez is a diva whereas Smith Sr. was a bully. The culture can absorb big personalities. Question is if he has anything left in the tank. He’d love Flacco’s big arm. That said I think he wants revenge so would pick someone who will play Dallas.

  17. Ravens are the only team to have never had a WR make the Pro Bowl. Randy Moss and Jerry Rice in their primes couldn’t even make Flacco look good. Flacco is overpaid and the antithesis of a leader.


    Front office hasn’t hit on a receiver that was a big play maker either. If the Ravens had a Dez, OBJ, Megatron, Antonio Brown, or any legitimate #1 play maker in their prime no one knows what would have happened. They’ve missed them in the draft any try to get them on the backside of their career, which isn’t a sustainable strategy.

  18. The job Dez would do is already taken. The Ravens need a slot receiver or two. Not to mention TE, RT, C and IL. Draft Anthony Miller for the slot and the guy from So. Dakota as TE. Use round one for a tackle. Then take three centers in 6 and 7.

  19. I think a guy under contract, he should begin receiving 10,000 a day the moment free agency hits up til the draft. If teams are planning on cutting a player, it should have to be sooner rather than hold onto them free of charge til they feel like releasing them while free agency money is being spent elsewhere.

  20. It’s interesting that people perceive Dez as being someone who is focused on his touches and money. From what I’ve observed as a Cowboys fan over the last eight years, neither of those things really interest Dez. Dez isn’t the me-first type player that TO was.

    The thing that motivates Dez is winning. If the Cowboys were winning, Dez didn’t care if he caught one ball. If they were losing, however, that’s when he would openly question why he wasn’t a bigger part of the offense and why the ball wasn’t going his way.

    The general consensus is that the reason he was released is because he openly questioned the game plan and called out coaches. In other words, he didn’t trust the process. And for a team with only 4 players older than him, and only 3 on the team longer than him, they needed him to trust the process to help the youngest guys believe in it too.

  21. Sounds like a good match. Baltimore’s offense is based on throwing it deep and hoping for a catch or a flag. That’s about all Bryant has left it seems. Looks like a big deal for both….at the right price.

    BTW- Joe Flacco is the reason why teams are VERY leery to sign so-called franchise QB’s long-term even after a great year or two. QB’s can thrive for a couple of years (see Flacco, Kapernick, Sanchez, Eli etc before they fall back to the crowd. Guys like Brady, Rodgers Brees and Rivers are REALLY a rare breed and the price of ANY QB is going to be expensive.

  22. Egos can only get you so far you have to sustainable talent. Bryant’s talent has fizzled away while he was being an a-hole

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