Seahawks signing another non-Kaepernick quarterback

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The Seahawks continue to add to their depth chart, though it may not impact that one rather big possibility they were linked to last week.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the Seahawks are re-signing quarterback Austin Davis, adding another less-than-stellar backup to Russell Wilson.

They signed Stephen Morris (who has never thrown a regular season pass) last week after their reported workout with Colin Kaepernick fell through.

Garafolo notes that the Seahawks’ talks with Kaepernick are in a “holding pattern,” and that bringing Davis back doesn’t rule out the possibility of bringing the former 49ers starter in.

But their ambivalence about even working him out last week after they asked him if he planned to continue kneeling during the national anthem suggests the Seahawks are not prepared to make a deal anytime soon.

Davis didn’t throw a pass for the Seahawks last year, and has a 3-7 record as a starter during his stints with the Rams and Browns.

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  1. Geez, do we need a daily CK status?? If ANY team signs him, I will be very surprised! Teams do not want to take a chance on losing fans, who are the ones who make them the money. And, they have every right to not want a perceived distraction on their team! The NFL’s lack of any discipline on this subject, has already caused ratings to drop almost 19% and counting, and I have not even checked how far the ratings were down for the PO’s and SB!
    They can use every excuse in the world for the ratings drop, from 2015 to 2017, but they need to look in a big mirror. How are things working out for Reid????

  2. Why would a team want to sign Kaepernick as a backup? Why are SJW’s so desperate to see him as a backup? Signing Kaepernick as a backup would be nothing more than a PR move at this point, and I wouldn’t think that most teams want to deal with that distraction. The Seahawks shouldn’t have even attempted to do this, because now they have made it worse. What’s wrong with Russell Wilson? I don’t remember him getting injured all the time.

  3. Any hiring manager will take 100 average employees who keep their mouths shut and heads on the job versus one talented employee who they know will be a problem going in.

  4. Krapernick had his shot and couldn’t answer the one question he had to have known that was coming. What are your future plans regarding athem protests? Kaep says “unsure”. Seattle says, “your a moron, go away” All this time and you can’t answer the question you knew you would be asked. You don’t deserve to play in the NFL.

  5. Seattle is just adding camp arms. Seattle will draft a QB probably in the later rounds and add the real backup by training camp. Davis is the front runner as he has had starts, was Seattle’s backup last year and has played for Schottenheimer when he was with the Rams in St Louis. I still think Seattle has their eye on someone in the later rounds they see as a project over the next to years who no one is paying much attention to with all the big names in this year’s draft.

  6. This is a good signing, regardless what PFT thinks.

    Kap being linked to the only NFL team who has had formal talks with him to evaluate options is puzzling. It’s the other 31 teams that seemingly should get the “non” Kap hiring headline and constant barrage of articles linking them all.

  7. I think Kaepernick purposely torpedoed his chances with Seattle just like they were purposely torpedoed with Baltimore. I think if any other team decides to take a look something will happen on the Kaepernick side to kill any chance. He does not want an offer from a team because he would gave to accept it or lose credibility/face given all thats been said. And then if that team actually put him on the field his real level of playing skills, which IMHO are not very good, would be exposed. I believe he knows that. He enjoys being labeled as a martyr. He does not want to risk getting exposed as a loser instead. Sorry, I know thats a harsh judgement. But irs honestly what I think I see in this guys actions. It really looks to me like he is trying to ride a wave and has to maintain a myth to do it.

  8. Austin Davis is a much better quarterback than Kap or Johnny Football or Tim Tebow, according to people who deny there is any collusion. These 3 quarterbacks are avoided by NFL teams like they are infected with the plague.

  9. Kaepernick is loved only by the press and his mom. He is a mediocre QB who is a gigantic pain in the a$$. Why would any team want him????

  10. News flash! Kap will not sign with any team. It will screw up his collusion claim, which will end in a settlement. If he signs, that will screw up his settlement. He’s never going to start in this league, so this frivolous suit is the only thing left for him.

  11. “Davis didn’t throw a pass for the Seahawks last year”

    Kaep didn’t throw a pass for anyone last year either. And his last stint as a starter saw him put up a 1-10 record.

  12. SO old, so tired. Kap had his moment, the results were mixed. But all of that’s over now. Time to move on and stay true to the thing that is bringins us all together in this place – football.

  13. At least Austin Davis wants to play. Colon wants to be guaranteed that he’ll be a starter and wants more money than any team will want to pay. Plus he’s guaranteed to upset most of the team’s fanbase by wearing a Castro shirt and pig socks among other things. Not to mention, he sucks. Maybe if he actually did something to show he’s serious about playing instead of filing a collusion lawsuit because no team wants a QB who can’t read defenses. Where has Colon been the last year? At least Manziel is showing a desire he wants to play. Colon hasn’t shown anything so why should any team be even a slight bit interested in that guy?

  14. Sherman and Bennett were released for many reasons. Cap room was primary. The distractions Sherman and Bennett brought were another consideration. Kaep’s inability to structure his message and delivery would be disruptive.

    This team has to become Wilson’s. Adding a loose cannon distracts from focus sorely needed this year.

  15. It’s simple math. On field talent – off field disruption = benefit to team.


    Mid to low level backup tier talent – massive off field disruption = huge net minus.

    QBs getting signed:

    Equal or slightly lower talent – zero off field disruption = slight positive.

    That’s without going into how Kaepernick has only succeeded in the Option QB scheme which opposing defenses have figured out and which basically only even Seattle and Carolina run anymore.

    But it should be an indicator of his on field talent that even the team in arguably the most liberal fanbase there is wants no part of him unless he stops being a disruption and just wants to do his job.

  16. Cut wilson,he sucks,can’t read a defense,,,,,but hawk fans don’t wanna talk about that,,,

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