Seahawks’ top pick Malik McDowell likely to be cut without playing a snap

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Last year the Seahawks used their first pick in the draft, No. 35 overall, on defensive tackle Malik McDowell. Now they’re likely to release him, before he has played a snap in the NFL.

McDowell missed his entire rookie season because of injuries suffered in an ATV accident, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Seahawks are likely to cut McDowell soon.

It is unclear whether McDowell will ever recover sufficiently to be able to play in the NFL. It is also unclear whether the Seahawks are going after any of the money they’ve already paid McDowell, as teams sometimes do when a non-football injury prevents a player from playing.

Last year McDowell was arrested for disorderly conduct, in an incident that likely didn’t do anything to endear McDowell to the Seahawks’ brass.

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  1. So, that leaves Reuben Foster and Malik McDowell looking like the biggest draft mistakes after just one year. Who would have predicted that? Well, a lot of people, actually….

  2. Reminds Ben Brainlessburger who rode a motorcycle and crashed it when he was being paid millions as the Stealers QB. This guy gave up a chance to earn tens of millions for a ride on an ATV. You can’t fix stupid.

  3. kurdishpats1 says:
    April 16, 2018 at 5:53 pm
    Classless teams like the Seahawks take money back.


    So…I guess the Patriots are classless then? Since they (rightfully) went after Aaron Hernandez’ signing bonus after he was arrested in 2014? Just checking.

    Seahawks should get their money back. Money is paid for performance. He didn’t perform and he had off-the-field issues. The NFL isn’t a charity.

  4. kurdishpats1 says:

    April 16, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    Classless teams like the Seahawks take money back

    The Seahawks drafted garrett scott in the 6th round of the 2014 nfl draft. He failed his physical because they found a heart condition that prevented him from playing in the nfl. They let him keep his 100K dollar signing bonus. A little different situation than being an idiot on an ATV.

  5. Why? Are they running that short on roster spots that they can’t hold on to their top pick from last year?

    Say what you want about the ATV accident but this guy is most likely going to play this season and essentially be a free draft pick for some other team. He must have really rubbed them the wrong way.

  6. Another example of horrible drafting by Seattle. Frank Clark is the only good one in recent years, and he has a rap sheet for both on and off the field.

  7. “Classless teams like the Seahawks take money back.”

    The classless party was the player who so disrespected his opportunity to be set for life for playing football for a few years that he had to right out and trash his body so he couldn’t play.

    Every team should go after money paid out to players that do this.

  8. Ironically, the pick used on McDowell was acquired from the 49ers so they could steal Reuben Foster at #31 overall. Tedric Thompson, whom the Hawks drafted with an extra 4th round pick in the exchange better go back home and live with his parents. With a curfew and no driving privileges.

  9. acerockefellar says:
    April 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm
    This and the Reuben Foster news make me feel slightly better about the Bengals taking John Ross. Slightly.
    Well, If Reuben Foster never plays another snap in the NFL he still will have a better career than McDowell and Ross combined… there is that.

  10. kurdishpats1 says:
    April 16, 2018 at 5:53 pm
    Classless teams like the Seahawks take money back.
    The standard NFL contract contains a clause which forbids players from engaging in activities that have a high injury risk. Many contracts name specific activities which are forbidden. This kid broke his contract and should have to give back the money he was paid.

    The blame for this lies directly with the player. He chose to make a terrible decision and now you want to call the organization classless for doing what is in their legal right to do?

    Personal Responsibility – really not that hard a concept.

  11. kurdishpats1 says:
    April 16, 2018 at 5:53 pm
    Classless teams like the Seahawks take money back.
    As much as they’re a team, they’re a business first.

  12. omeimontis says:
    April 16, 2018 at 6:27 pm
    Waiving the first round pick is part of the “process.” The front office says, “trust the process.” you 12ths hear?
    Different day. Same junk from you.

  13. A good portion of the money should be returned. However, if he isn’t able to play in the NFL due to his own reckless off field actions, that seems appropriate. I still am unsure what actually happened and what medical/injuries were caused by the ATV accident.

    The crux of this is that a first round pick was lost/wasted. That’s a huge blow to any team and I’m sorry to hear they might be at that spot. Sliding back this year’s draft seems even more likely with this news.

  14. I don’t care for the Seahawks but if they try to get some of their money back I have no problem with that. What exactly did the guy do to ‘earn’ any of that money? Exactly nothing. He suffered a non-football injury. That wasn’t the Seahawks fault. Then the arrest incident was embarrassing to the Seahwaks. Yeah, I’d go after the money too.

  15. Good luck going before an arbitrator, e.g. Plaxico and Martellus Bennett. The NFI designation meant Seattle didn’t have to pay Malik a dime of his base salary but yet chose to pay him $85,000. Nice gesture but don’t look for the arbitrator to see it that way and rule in your favor.

  16. This is America. You are allowed to mess up every good thing in your life. This one is a classic. An ATV.
    That’s a 15million dollar ride brah.

  17. Waste of talent, waste of draft pick(s) thanks to that trade for Sheldon Richardson. What a waste. Reclaim as much $ as possible for his ATV stunt.

  18. Seahawks fans are right to be disappointed, but all things considered, we are being a bit harsh here. Letting him keep the signing bonus isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s a minuscule amount of money for an NFL team, and even though they put a big investment into McDowell’s future, let’s consider the outlook for the player as well. He grew up playing football, likely dreamed of playing in the NFL, and now that may be taken from him, and that money may be necessary for medical expenses, depending on the injury. Nobody’s really winning here. Players should be responsible, that’s indisputable, but riding an ATV is not evil. I would bet that many of the posters here do that same thing.

    In the event that McDowell sufficiently recovers later and signs a new contract with another team, then the Seahawks should definitely get their money back from him or the other team.

  19. andyisfat says:
    April 16, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    And que the Mass holes.
    Que pasa Amigo! I think the word you were looking for is cue.

  20. Still a pretty solid Draft Class for Schneider and Carroll.

    Shaq Griffin and Naz Jones are players for sure. Starters going forward.

    7th rounder Chris Carson would have been the starting RB, if not for injury.

    Ethan Pocic still has a lot to prove, but the door is open for him.

    Delano Hill, Mike Tyson, Tedric Thompson and Amarah Darboh all have a chance to make an impact.

  21. Oh my. A kid works his tail off for years to get the opportunity to play in the nfl. Then all goes away after one ride on an ATV. That’s so sad😭

    He will always think how good he could have had it. I hope he got a real eduction in college. Flipping burgers sucks.

  22. This was a great example of why trading back in the first is the best move. If you look at past drafts 4-6 players in the first round become great players, 12-16 are busts, and the rest play like decent 3-5 rounders. Seattle got other picks, and those picks might end up performing like a decent first round pick. Fans love talking about draft picks but ignore how many become nothing.

  23. I just want to forget all about this issue if you don’t mind. Stupid and sad is no way to go through life and this is as stupid and sad as it gets in the NFL.

    Selfish Seahawk fan in me is mad at him still. Could have been an All-Pro but no you had to go ride an ATV.

    Truth is we still don’t have any idea what actually happened or what the injury was and that tells you really all you need to know. They kept it so secret it must have been horrible.

    Moving on…

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