Sean McVay: We’re proactive about finding an Aaron Donald solution

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The Rams gathered for the start of their offseason program on Monday, but defensive tackle Aaron Donald wasn’t part of the group.

As expected, Donald did not report for the voluntary workouts as he continues to press for a new contract with the team. Donald was absent for much of last offseason with the same goal in mind, but didn’t get the deal before winning Defensive Player of the Year for his work helping the Rams to an NFC West title.

Coach Sean McVay said Monday, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, that he does not view Donald’s absence as a “crisis” and isn’t worried about him staying in shape while he’s away from the team. McVay also said the team is “proactive” about finding a solution that makes Donald happy.

That solution is a contract, but it will be at least a little while longer until all the details for a pact are nailed down.

17 responses to “Sean McVay: We’re proactive about finding an Aaron Donald solution

  1. Wait, Snead keeps saying soon to be highest paid defensive player in Donald….just not on which team. Aaron should not report for any team functions til he gets his 60-70 million guaranteed.

  2. Maybe a guy who has performed well for your team, paid his dues, and did all that was asked of him, looked at all the recent headline signings and thinks… Shouldn’t I have been their first priority…It’s not lthe like he’s a scrub or practice player…

  3. Really should take care of their own first.. now if the money isn’t right because they went crazy signing others that will build animosity between him and the new guys..

  4. Be smart AD. Suh has already made a mountain of cash and he’s scheduled to get over twice what you are getting this year alone. Any injury derails your contract, so just refuse to be the best defensive player in the league for the Rams til they pay you like the best defensive player.

  5. Besides the obvious reason of liking him out of the NFC West. Be interesting to see what money he gets in the open market next season. Donald is dominant.

  6. The Rams will sign him, but it will cost them north of $20 mil per year. THey are prolonging the salary cap predicament they will inevitably have in the next 2 years.

  7. Maybe these morons thought that donald would be ok with getting stiffed again this year since they were bringing in players in on one year deals? Idk why they would think he would be ok with that. This guy isn’t the best dt in the game and needs to he paid as such, locking him up should have been Priority #1. Donald held out all of last preseason and will probably do so again without a new deal.

  8. He is under contract. If he stays away he will lose money.

    The Rams will work it out.

  9. Les Snead and the Rams have stated the Donald money has already been budgeted. I’m guessing the issue or hold up is the Rams or Donald’s agents are waiting for Kalil Mack to finalize his contract so the Rams can then final adjust their numbers to make Donald the highest paid defensive player in the game.

  10. It’s going to be different in LA this time around right? LA is to pretentious to have a solid fan base. All the rams have going for them is the boarders have been wide open and a new arriving fan base will carry the water to keep that team in LA.

  11. so he was defensive player of the year even though he missed much of the off season program last season. That is positive proof that some players do not need no stinking off season program.

  12. Donald paying the Price for being drafted in the first round and being really good…the Rams hold his rights for 5 years under the 5th year option, plus an additional 2 years under multiple franchise tags in which are still a better deal than actually paying him market value…where is the incentive for the Rams to pay him his worth when his worth is more than a fifth year option plus 2 franchise tags…?

    Successful first round rookies got completely hosed…with only one real shot at a big contract before turning 30 years old…this ish ain’t right!…

  13. He won’t be in free agency next year. But seriously what is the point of a contract if you have no intention of honoring it? Posters tend to say :stick it to the Man and get paid.” But if teams didn’t live up to their end you’d be all over the team. I want the guy to get paid – a lot – but it is called a contract for a reason.

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