Troy Aikman sees “another frontier” beyond TV

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Matt Millen. John Elway. John Lynch. Troy Aikman?

The Hall of Fame quarterback, who retired after the 2000 season, apparently has the itch to run an NFL team. That’s what he suggested during a recent appearance on The Doomsday Podcast from Ed Werder and Matt Mosley, via Peter King of

“I do believe there is another frontier for me beyond television,” Aikman said.

With FOX televising the draft this year, Aikman will help cover it. As part of his preparation, he attend the Pro Day workouts conducted by USC quarterback Sam Darnold and UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. This helped underscore Aikman’s pre-existing interest in someday running an NFL team.

Aikman joined FOX immediately after retiring, quickly becoming a member of the network’s top broadcasting team. The fact that he has stayed there for so long (even after FOX hired, to his dismay, Skip Bayless) shows how much Aikman loves what he’s doing. Still, if he’s thinking about moving on to bigger and better things, a schedule that will now include two games per week in most weeks of the NFL season may cause him to start asking himself, “Why am I doing this to myself?”

That question becomes more likely if Aikman already is thinking about something else he can potentially do to himself: Tie his name and reputation to the success or failure of an NFL team, giving up a spot he could hold for another 20 years or longer for a gig that necessarily becomes a year-to-year proposition from the first day he walks through the door.

If/when Aikman does it, he’ll join Millen, Elway, and Lynch as former players who made an unexpected right turn well after retiring, becoming key executives at a team without paying the dues that most key executives must pay before taking over.

11 responses to “Troy Aikman sees “another frontier” beyond TV

  1. Aikman is hella sharp and a born leader, I’m sure he’ll be successful with whatever he decides to do.

  2. Since “MOST” drafting and personnel decisions are a crap shoot
    at best. He has a good of a shot as anyone else. He liked the discipline
    of Jimmy Johnson. He didn’t like the lack of discipline or Barry Switzer.

  3. “I’m thinking of getting out of broadcasting and…”
    “You should do it.”
    “I haven’t said what I’d do.”

    I’m not an Aikman fan. I hope he does for Dallas what Marino did for Miami.

  4. The sooner we never hear his voice again the better – one of the most irritating voices to listen to on a telecast – and he is surprisingly uninformed about football since he never provides any insight in the actual game. Perhaps he and Phil Simms could form a mutual admiration society where Phil could hold up a mirror to talk to himself and Troy Barkman is clueless that he’s looking at the back of Phil’s mirror while talking.

  5. After reading the story title and looking at the picture my first thought was I hope it has nothing to do with cell phones. He looks like a dork in that picture.

  6. Loved him as a player and can’t stand him as a color analyst. Romo really shines a spotlight on Troy’s shortcomings in the booth as the latter doesn’t add much of anything to a broadcast.

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