Hue Jackson: Everyone still in play for No. 1

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The Browns are a little more than a week away from making the first selection of the 2018 NFL Draft and coach Hue Jackson said on Tuesday that nothing’s been decided about what name will be on the card they hand to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jackson said he’s laughed at reports that the Browns have settled on Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen as their choice as both the top pick and their quarterback of the future because General Manager John Dorsey has yet to make a call about what the Browns will do. Jackson said Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield all remain in the mix on the quarterback front.

“If there was a consensus John had come to, he would’ve told me,” Jackson said, via “That’s not the case. … When John Dorsey goes dark, he goes dark.”

Dorsey is scheduled to speak to the media on Thursday, although Jackson suggested earlier this year that the Browns could keep their intentions under wraps until it comes time to make their pick.

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  1. Let’s not pretend Hue has any input in who the Browns are drafting. I bet anything that if Dorsey had his way then Hue Jackson would no longer be the Browns head coach. And, I can see a situation where Hue is relieved of his duties very early in the season if the Browns start off bad. 1-31 = a very short leash!

  2. And really, who should expect the Browns, or any team with the #1 overall pick, to reveal what they’re going to do with that pick? They have the luxury of taking their time, and also assessing any and all offers to trade the pick.

  3. Wow, He “is” casting a shadow of mystery over this draft. Somebody needs to tell Hue that absolutely nobody in this country including the other 31 NFL teams cares who the Browns take at #1. They’ll just want to thank him afterwards for removing a player that will never cut it in the league.

  4. I can’t take the Cleveland Browns seriously untill they FIRE this guy. I mean…he’s 1-31 under his lack of leadership. It’s a new season & the fans of Cleveland deserve a REAL HC.

  5. OK, stop tormenting the Browns fans with articles pertaining to Hue and draft strategy. Hue + draft strategy = 1-31. Make no mistake, Hue will have his place at the table in the war room and that will be a card table off in the corner with the other children.

  6. I still don’t understand the “Stop talking” comments. Do people not understand what happens at press conferences? The whole point is for the person with the microphone in front of them to answer questions they’re asked with their words and the media’s job is to write them down and put them into stories like this. The press conference was pretty lengthy so expect lots of stories about everything he said.

    It blows my mind that people read these and think players and coaches are just walking up to random people and saying words. On top of that, if you’re annoyed by it why are you reading it? His name is in the headlines so it’s not like you were fooled into reading about him. “Hue Jackson” are literally the first words of the headline so if you don’t want to hear what Hue Jackson has to say but you clicked on this who’s the fool?

    Common sense is a lost art now a days.

  7. This guy truly is a circus clown that absolutely is in love with the sound of his own voice. I do not here ANY other head coach make as many comments to the press as he does.

  8. The only thing we Browns fans want to hear Hue talk about is what beach he’ll be swimming at…….Euclid or Metroparks.

  9. “If there was a consensus John had come to, he would’ve told me,”
    Ahh, consensus similar to Russian elections. I don’t think the word consensus means what you think it means if the boss simply tells you what the decision is.

  10. Dorsey would be stupid to tell anyone including Hue. You can ASK Hue who he likes, get some input but after that, loose lips and all that.

    The Browns have the 4th pick too. So when they announce the 1st pick, let the panic set in, instead of giving everyone the heads up to start jockeying for position now.

    This is not molecular biology. Dorsey is playing to the weakness of human nature (fight/flight/panic), not the strength (patience/planning).

  11. Its amazing that people don’t understand why the browns would want everyone to think all players were in play plus If hue has no say and we are back to a gm picking players that coach doesn’t want I think we know how that movie ends but 1-31 = you will be criticized until wins start happening

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