Hue Jackson tells Browns: “Winning starts today”

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Perhaps the Browns didn’t know what the objective was the previous two seasons.

So when coach Hue Jackson convened his team for the start of offseason conditioning yesterday, he spelled out his expectations in the team meeting.

“What an exciting morning to have all of you men back,” Jackson told the team, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Winning starts here. Winning starts today. Starts right now.”

It’s good to know that Jackson was willing to pace himself, after starting his Browns administration with a 1-31 record. But an offseason of wholesale changes including a new General Manager, quarterback, star receiver, and practically a new secondary among other things has caused him to be downright optimistic.

“Why did you come back here today? Two years of pain and suffering hardship, where toughness and grit and determination was built,’ he said. “That’s not enough. This morning at 8:02 a.m., that’s when the work started. That’s when the journey now starts. What will the 2018 Browns team legacy be?”

They don’t have a very high bar to clear, but it’s hard to imagine them not making significant improvements. Tyrod Taylor was enough of a quarterback to help Buffalo break a 17-year playoff drought, and with actual players around him, the expectations in Cleveland ought to be reasonably high (though again, expectations have been tempered).

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  1. Lord knows “Winning” didn’t start when Hue was named head coach. I always said Hue is a good position coach and a good coordinator but a super lousy head coach-those stupid enough to hire Hue Jackson as a head coach will pay the price and unfortunately so will their fans…………..

  2. Hue never told his team they needed to win before. He figured he’d tell them this year from the jump. I think it’s crazy enough to work.

  3. Why did you come back here today?
    I’m under contract, I’ll leave as soon as I can find an escape route.

  4. How about focusing on the changes that have been made since the end of last season, including the significant hire of John Dorsey, the roster changes that have been made, and the addition of a QB who actually took a pretty weak team to the playoffs last year? I know it is easy “journalism” to poke fun, but bad teams are not good for the league. When Sashi took over 2 years ago he said they weren’t going to win many games, and that 2018 would be where you start seeing change in fortunes. 2018 is here, let’s let the Browns do their talking – or not – on the field.

  5. So many clever and funny writers and comments! Seriously guys, you should start comedy blogs. Yea, it’s a little hard to take Hugh seriously at this point. But he’s got to come in strong and positive, he can’t waver at all. I think they’re going to much improved this year but likely still won’t break .500. I’m ok with that as long as the needle points up at the end of the season.

  6. The Browns are actually making good decisions for the first time in forever. If I were a fan, I wouldn’t be happy they kept Hue, but otherwise the future looks bright.
    Despite their record, they actually have decent talent but were held back by having nothing at QB. If they had drafted Watson last year I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been 0-16. Tyrod Taylor while not great, is better than just about any QB they have had since they were an expansion team.

  7. “Listen up men, winning starts today……that’s why we will be traveling cross town for a scrimmage against the Wildcats from St. Ignatius”.

  8. This team doesn’t come close to resembling last year’s team. Jackson may still be there, but a lot of other people will need name tags for awhile. Best move was getting Dorsey, we will miss him in Green Bay. I would expect this team to get 5 or 6 wins this year, and wouldn’t be surprised if they get more. But, it still won’t be enough to save Jackson’s job. The coaching won’t be the big difference, it was the front office changes.

  9. Seriously? We’re tearing apart a coach doing what a coach is supposed to do which is motivating his players?

    People remember 1-31 but don’t remember that no one has wanted the Browns coaching job during their nearly annual openings and before Hugh Jackson came on board who people in the league respect an offensive coordinator literally put together a power point presentation to get out of his contract he wanted out of Cleveland so bad. Maybe it’s because most coaches know working for the Haslams is a temp job where they throw coaches under the bus for having an owner with no ability to think on how to build a team long term. Basically here’s a squirt gun, if you can’t win world war 2 with it you’re fired.

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