Jarvis Landry: Odell Beckham will stay a Giant for another year

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Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry and Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham were roommates at LSU and are close friends, and Landry lobbied recently for the Browns to trade for Beckham. But now Landry says that’s not happening.

Landry told reporters today that he’s given up on any hopes of Beckham coming to Cleveland this year because he knows Beckham is going to remain in New York through 2018.

“I think that period is over and he’s going to be a Giant for another year,” Landry said. “Outside of that, I’m just so focused on this team, I’m so focused on what we’ve got going with the guys we have now and the guys we’ll add in a couple weeks.”

Beckham hasn’t agreed to a new contract with the Giants, and until he does there’s going to be speculation about how much longer he’ll be in New York. But whether Beckham signs a new deal with the Giants or hits free agency next year, Landry is convinced he’s not going anywhere until 2019 at the earliest.

24 responses to “Jarvis Landry: Odell Beckham will stay a Giant for another year

  1. Most players have no idea how the salary cap works. They should concentrate on football … and leave the thinking part to others.

  2. The giants don’t want to keep Beckham but are too scared to trade him on the off chance that he will ever be a good player in the future. He’s not worth half of the $20 million he wants and that the giants can’t afford to pay a supplemental position. If they had a decent GM they would get something of value for him in a trade. Instead they will either hamstring themselves with his contract or deal with a PITA for the next year. But the good news is that next year they will again draft in the top five.

  3. Jarvis better be more concerned with the 1 win in 2 years team he duped. They’ll regret his contract soon enough.

  4. I don’t care what Jarvis Landry thinks. The bigger question and what I want to know is what does the kicking net think?

  5. How is Odell not even worth half of the 20 million he wants?? I seriously think some PFT posters have never even watched a football game.

  6. tcostant says:
    April 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm
    After this year, the Giants could still tag OBJ twice, at less than his $20M asking price.

    And this is why OBJ is trying to get his contract done this year.
    This is the time he still has some leverage.

  7. The fact the Giants could tag Odell twice and still have him under contract for 3 more years (counting this year) at much less avg annually is a very compelling argument that currently Odell has NO leverage asking for 20M annually. How was that point lost?

  8. Well of course he will, they got him on the 5th year option for peanuts. If you didn’t get hurt last year and acted like you had some sense you wouldn’t be in this situation. The 5th year sucker program means the team Is betting against you.

  9. They’re going to get nothing for him when he walks out the door next summer. He’s bitter.

  10. I’m a giants fan and I don’t think he’s worth it, but then again few wr are worth anything near the amount they ask for. Example…..what has sex and demarious Thomas done since they got extended.

  11. It looks like OBJ will be a Giant for another year. After that nobody can predict what may happen next. It does not look like he is getting a multi-year extension before the 2018 season begins.

  12. like he’s going to the clowns. puh-leeze. he hates laughingstock “teams”. which the clowns are. sorry clowns fans. GO STEELERS!!!!

  13. Most front office guys don’t understand the salary cap either. That’s why they hire guys to crunch the numbers, you bozo. I can’t stand people taking shots at players’ intelligence as if they’ve met the player.

  14. How is Odell not even worth half of the 20 million he wants?? I seriously think some PFT posters have never even watched a football game.


    Guy makes one spectacular one-handed catch and helps his tea loose the only playoff game he’s ever been in and morons want to give him $20 million of somebody else’s money with the hops that they can see him act like a dog in every game. These people do watch football but they don’t watch it for the game, they watch it for the laughs.

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