Joe Flacco: Eventually, at some point, Ravens will draft a quarterback


Joe Flacco, like Philip Rivers and Case Keenum this week, said all the right things about his team potentially selecting a quarterback early in next week’s draft.

“It is what it is. It’s a business,” Flacco said Tuesday at the start of Baltimore’s offseason workouts, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “Eventually, at some point, that’s going to have to happen. It’s not really for me to worry about.”

Lamar Jackson‘s pre-draft visit to Baltimore combined with Flacco’s contract status has fueled speculation that the Ravens could use the 16th overall choice on a quarterback. The Ravens have played into the possibility with assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta saying the team would pick a quarterback if one is available “really too good to pass up.” G.M. Ozzie Newsome hinted at a “surprise” in the first round.

Flacco, 33, is scheduled to count $26.5 million against the cap in 2019. The Ravens would save $18.5 million in cap space next season by designating him a post-June 1 cut.

Flacco has never made the Pro Bowl. Since the Ravens’ Super Bowl title to end the 2012 season, Flacco has a 38-36 record with one playoff appearance, throwing 98 touchdowns and 74 interceptions.

“I come in here, and you worry about what’s here and now and doing your job, which for me now is getting guys out there working hard and making sure we’re moving toward our goal of getting to that championship,” Flacco said.

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  1. Talk about a bad ROI. Not even considered for the Pro Bowl and they usually dig deep looking for players to go there.

  2. Great Qb in the Vertical/ power run attack.
    Horrible in the west coast system.
    Give the man some physical receivers and an angry o-line you will win.
    Have the man attempt to be elite and well….. that’s the current state in Baltimore.

    this man can still thrive with some grown men who can catch and bring attitude.

    3,2,1 white suit comment

  3. The sky is blue. Rain is wet. We all die eventually. You only live once. Don’t you media people understand that they just say as little as they can? Is this is an extreme comment now?

  4. The last time Flacco got a hint that a new contract may be coming his way, he, with the help of some poor defense (cough – Broncos – cough), went on to win a SB.

  5. Wanna bet it’ll be in 2019? Whoever the new Head Coach that is hired will draft a QB to begin the next chapter of Ravens football. New GM, new head coach, new QB.

  6. Flacco hasn’t been effective in a while. He is a big game QB, but is very unreliable otherwise. He had one historic run in the postseason, and has otherwise been quiet for almost half a decade now. The team is laughably bad at drafting WRs and values comp picks more than resigning it’s own drafted players. For as much credit as Ozzie Newsome gets, he’s been terribly inconsistent and put together a mediocre team since 2012.

  7. Please keep Flacco, give him every elite penny of the $26M, and every avocado icepop til he’s 50.
    Thanks – the rest of the AFC.

  8. Championship? LOL!

    This guy apparently has no idea that Baltimore is in the midst of a deep rebuild. Newsome was fired and they’re rebuilding, something they’ve refused to do since 2013 ironically when Flacco’s salary shot way up to 20 mil per, sending most of the league into cap hells of varying degrees.

    Kinda funny how in 2009, the complaint was about paying rookie QBs obscene prices before the Lockout and now it’s about trying to bring the market back down due to Ozzie Newsome/Bisciotti/Harbaugh’s arrogance going into the 2012 season.

    They’re paying for it now and have been paying for it, as predicted.

  9. Florio – just because a team drafts a qb does not mean that QB is replacing anybody, let alone taking over the team. Paxton Lynch? Geno Smith? Brady Quinn? Johnny Manziel? Josh Freeman, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Jamarcus Russel, need I go on? All it means is that the team is investing in the depth at that position. If you expect a rookie to start in year one, your team has issues.

  10. Joe Flacco has always been an average QB with a big arm that benefited from a great defense! Flacco has never thrown for more than 27 TDs an is a double-digit in throwing INTs every year. He barely completes 60% of his passes! Elite QBs make their WR/TE better, Flacco is not a difference maker, last season 18 TD/13 INT – Y/A 5.7 with a QB Rating/QBR 80.4/49.0 and in 2016 he wasn’t much better 20 TD/15 INT – Y/A 6.4 with a QB Rating/QBR 83.5/52.7.

  11. Joe Flacco without Ray Lewis is like The Sanchize without Revis Island: “ship-wrecked!”

  12. culturecesspool says:
    April 17, 2018 at 4:23 pm
    Great Qb in the Vertical/ power run attack.
    Horrible in the west coast system.
    Give the man some physical receivers and an angry o-line you will win.
    Have the man attempt to be elite and well….. that’s the current state in Baltimore.

    this man can still thrive with some grown men who can catch and bring attitude.

    3,2,1 white suit comment

    I agree with this entire comment 100%, from beginning to the white suit, and will even add on to it with that the Ravens have no offensive identity. They did when they won the Superbowl, and had Rice. A power run system, with Flacco making teams pay by stretching the field, and some powerful receivers in Boldin & Pitta (Yes he’s a tight end), along with Jones who was quick & tall.

    And then after the SB Ozzie tried to re-invent everything, which is the same thing that happened after the first superbowl, if anybody remembers their immediate slump. From 2001 – 2007, they missed the playoffs four times and were either hit or miss. A good season, or a complete slump. Since 2012, they’ve missed the playoffs four times, but a lot sooner than the previous decade.

  13. Ravens should seriously look at replacing Below Average Joe but they’ll probably continue to show their loyalty for another 2 – 3 years.

  14. Joe certainly deserves some blame as far as decision making goes on the field sometimes. But the Ravens have not helped him at all since the SB. Our drafting of WR’s is awful, they refuse to run the ball even when we show we’re blowing the other team off the ball, and the defense since Ray left has been surprisingly terrible at holding leads that Joe gives them. Joe’s one Lee Evans drop away from going to back to back SB’s so lets not get carried away like he’s a bad quarterback. We had two 14 point leads in the playoffs against New England a couple years ago and the defense, right on schedule gave it away. The last play on defense last year they gave up a touchdown ON FOURTH DOWN and forever when all they had to do is get one stop, and we were in the playoffs. But no. That didn’t happen. Again. Like I said, Joe deserves *some* blame, but the recent problems with the Ravens go far beyond him. Hopefully DeCosta has a solution.

  15. The only Flacco comments that ever bother me are the ones that say he benefited from a great defense. Only in 2008 under Rex, then 2011 under Pagano were the defenses above average in terms of game-changing threat. Was terrible with Mattison and Pees. Any owner would pay Flacco $150 million over 10 years to guarantee a SB.

  16. If it weren’t for one lucky desperation throw against a Broncos defense who played the ball ineptly he would have never won the Super Bowl and thus received a contract that overpaid him dramatically and hampered the Brock’s chances of building a championship caliber defense ever since. He made his money but thank goodness the contract is coming to an end.

  17. Actual statline for a playoff WIN for Joe Flacco.

    4/10 34 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. That was from January 10th, 2010 when the Ravens stomped the New England Patriots IN FOXBORO.

    Elite Joe stayed out of the way that day and that game is a microcosm of the Ravens’ success with Flacco at the helm.

    And people think Billy B should be embarrassed by losing to Nick Foles. January 10th, 2010 was maybe Bill’s worst loss.

  18. He is very rich, has a superbowl ring with mvp award and 5 kids at home. Not sure why he would want to play after the upcoming ($$$) season. After all he did take a good bell ringer last season.

  19. The only realistic comments for this thread are from ralphtherealravenfan and partmachine.

    I would give floridaslonechargersfan some credit, but what he failed to remind everyone was that on the first play of the game, if my memory serves me right, Ray Rice ran for 80 yards and a TD. From then on out the Pats could not stop the run either, so why pass. Billy B would have done the same thing. It’s called smart football. You run the ball until they stop you. And you run out the clock.

  20. Substitute any quarterback over 30 in this interview and you will get the same responses. Nothing to see here. Just an opportunity for Flacco haters to hate I guess.

  21. The Ravens are in a good cap situation in 2019 without cutting Flacco. People keep mentioning the cap hit as there reason to cut him – don’t see it happening, unless the Ravens draft Lamar Jackson, Flacco gets hurt and comes in and kills. The Ravens have very few big contracts starting in 2019 minus Mosley, Flacco and Brandon Williams. Yanda, Jimmy Smith, Weddle and Tony Jefferson can all be cut in 2019 for big savings too

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