Joe Flacco plans to work out with receivers before camp

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has never been one to organize offsite workouts with his receivers, something other quarterbacks have commonly done.

But playoff appearances aren’t common in Baltimore lately, so perhaps it’s time for a change.

The Ravens quarterback said he planned to hold a pre-training camp camp with his new receivers, which is something coach John Harbaugh specifically asked for earlier this offseason. From the Manning brothers at Duke to Mark Sanchez and Jets West, quarterbacks have been convening offsite for years but Flacco has resisted the trend.

Making it more helpful is the fact the Ravens turned over their receiving corps this offseason, adding Michael Crabtree and John Brown, and subtracting Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin and Michael Campanaro.

“There’s no doubt, that stuff is important and we’ll do it. I’ve already talked about it with John and Mike,” Flacco said, via Jeff Zrebeic of the Baltimore Sun. “I think sometimes those things are just as much or more about developing a relationship with those guys and developing that trust, and for those guys to see that I really like who they are as football players and for them to see hopefully they like who I am as a football player. I think when you can get that relationship going, that’s going to help your football team out a ton.”

The 33-year-old Flacco’s physical condition helps make him available, after he missed training camp last year with back problems, and the team never really came together. The Ravens have missed the postseason three straight years and four of their last five, so it’s time for things to change. They made a concerted effort to shake things up, adding the free agent duo (and perhaps more help is on the way).

“I’ve gotten the chance to watch Michael up close a few times and the physicality that he brings; his route running, too, just how much strength he runs them with. He seems to be able to do a lot of the things,” Flacco said. “You can tell just by throwing with him a couple of times, he’s smooth.

“With John, a couple of years ago when he really came on the radar, you got to see just what he can do, game breaking with his speed and all that. I almost hate to bring up his speed just because I really do think he’s a really good wide receiver. After talking with our quarterbacks coach, James [Urban], and a couple of guys around the building, they really, really believe he’s the real deal. I’m excited about him. The same thing throwing with him. You can see what he has and I’m excited about it.”

Of course, this is a big offseason for Flacco for other reasons. The Ravens have been sniffing around some potential draft picks at the position, and a run of lackluster performances could have them thinking about making changes in the future.

15 responses to “Joe Flacco plans to work out with receivers before camp

  1. What is with the ‘good ol boy’ club that Flacco and Manning get to be chairmen of? They are marginal to poor NFL QBs but get lifetime passes to be good at nothing talent wise yet leaders of their team for years on end.

  2. ravensfan56 says:
    April 17, 2018 at 3:05 pm
    Overrated, overpaid, aloof, unathletic, loserlike.


    He’s had one of the coveted 32 starting NFL QB jobs for 10 years, he wins between 9 and 10 games a year on average and he’s won a Super Bowl. That’s an incredible career.

    If the fans are running him out of town, there are plenty of Kyle Bollers out there waiting for a shot.

  3. Thank you bullcharger. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the people hating on Flacco were even old enough to buy a beer before he got drafted. They might not remember the days of not having a solid QB behind center every year. And every draft we were looking for a QB, but never in a position to get one because our defense was so incredible it always kept us in the playoff hunt.

  4. Personally I think these self-organized off season workouts are over rated. The real chemistry comes from game-like situations – is he reading the defense like me, is he cutting his route of like I think he should, what does he do under press coverage, how aggressive are they, what do they do under pressure, etc.

    Its like going to a range and becoming a real good shot then assuming you are ready for military combat.

  5. @spartan01 I hear you, but let me give it to from a totally different perspective and see what you think.

    I play guitar and have been in numerous bands. There was a cover band I played in that had another guitarist. He was a really good player, but we never got together outside of full band rehearsals to jam. Our overall product was good, but not great. I have also played in bands with another guitarist where I would get together with the other guitarist. Not only would we play the stuff from the band and work those out, but we could also jam on stuff that was from other interests. This led to a stronger bond and a very tight playing and performing unit. So equate that to these players. When they do team run practices, they probably have to stay within the scope of the team. When they do the outside practices, they can explore more and get into things the team may not get into…just a thought

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