Jordan Howard: “Comforting” that Bears said they won’t trade me

Getty Images

Before wide receiver Jarvis Landry was traded to the Browns this offseason, there were reports that the Dolphins were talking about trading him to the Bears for running back Jordan Howard.

That didn’t happen and it doesn’t appear the Bears are going to look for other trading partners for a deal involving Howard. Howard spoke to the media from the team’s offseason program on Tuesday and said the Bears have told him that they are planning to keep him in Chicago.

“They told my agent they had no plans to trade me or anything like that,” Howard said, via the Chicago Tribune. “So that’s comforting.”

There was some question about how comfortable Howard was earlier this month. Visitors to Howard’s Instagram page in early April found all pictures of him in a Bears uniform had been removed from the page, but they’ve since been restored and Howard claimed ignorance about the changes when asked on Tuesday.

Curious as the case of the vanishing and reappearing photos may be, Howard remains in Chicago and it seems more likely than not that he’ll continue to call the city home for the rest of 2018.