Report: NFL eventually could put draft on NBC and CBS, too

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This year, three networks will televise the draft: FOX, NFL Network, and ESPN. In future years, other networks could join the party, in theory.

Michael McCarthy of reports that the NFL’s contracts with FOX and ESPN don’t guarantee exclusivity, which means that NBC or CBS also could be given the opportunity televise the proceedings.

On the surface, the potential for oversaturation could be off-putting to the NFL and the networks. However, McCarthy explains that some league executives envision the draft becoming like election night, with every network partner having its own coverage.

Of course, that could also be part of an effort to get a network to try to pay big money for exclusivity, freezing out all other networks with the kind of check that would constitute an offer the NFL can’t refuse.

25 responses to “Report: NFL eventually could put draft on NBC and CBS, too

  1. i have been watching the draft since 1986. it was always a weekend thing and always that last weekend in april when you could roll out the grill and invite your friends over. it wasn’t necessarily about your favorite team but rather about celebrating football on a Saturday and Sunday afternoons. now it is about the fantasy football ignorati who think that they actually know football. just another example of cronyism killing something wonderful just to wring out a few pieces of gelt.

  2. I’d rather watch paint dry or grass grow than the draft. I usually wait a couple hours in and look for a minute or 2 online.

  3. I sometimes watch and sometimes don’t. When the Bucs have a high pick I usually do. Even when they don’t I may, especially if a friend is having a barbecue or something.

    I certainly don’t think of it as “Must see TV”.

  4. Could you imagine the CNN, FOX and MSNBC coverage of the draft? Right before a pick is handed in, someone is walking up to a map of the country and tapping on it to show us the county the kid is from. Is it a red county or a blue county? What percentage of the people of that county have a clue who the kid is? What is the latest poll on his chances of success?

  5. Do a simulcast on as many networks as you want. Just don’t have a different crew working every single network. We don’t need 5 different talking heads per network. Have your NFLN heads and your ESPN yuppies and put those on FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, the Playboy Network, whatever.

  6. I’ve always wished for the ability to watch paint dry on multiple channels. It’s like a dream come true!

  7. Watching the draft used to be fun
    I remember the one where Steve Young basically wouldn’t shut up that PO’d Kiper and Bermann- the next year Steve wasn’t back –
    now it’s just diva-ship both by the commentators, Goddell and the draftees
    Football was a simple game- now it’s just too much complicated things taking too much time from game play –

  8. Yup with the NHL and NBA playoffs getting to the thick of it and MLB on too i’m gonna reserve 4 hours to listen to a non jock wearing geek like mel kiper talk incessantly about 40 times, players heritage and whether they were good picks or not.

  9. harrisonhits2 says:
    April 17, 2018 at 12:15 pm
    I’d rather watch paint dry or grass grow than the draft. I usually wait a couple hours in and look for a minute or 2 online.

    We’re exact opposites. I’d rather watch the draft than watch paint dry or the grass grow. I love watching my team add 6-10 players to the roster. I love hearing Mayock talk about the players, the teams, the matches and the potential. I love football though…a lot more than I love watching grass grow or paint dry, anyhow.

  10. Draft day coverage has become a tally of how many times people like Mayock overuse/abuse the words “athleticism” and especially “physicality” to no end for almost every player. Both are drinking game words with Mayock talking. Bonus points for the abused phrase “I love his physicality”.

  11. .
    On draft night a bunch of has beens will introduce us to 32 future Hall of Famers. In reality, most of the players taken will fail to live up to their draft position.

  12. I already know which network I’m watching it on. If NBC or CBS wants to cancel its Thursday night programming and pay the NFL millions of dollars, that won’t affect me in the slightest.

    I fail to see how this is “milking the cow” or “choking the goose” or “spanking the monkey”. It’s smart business. Perhaps someone that’s a big Tony Romo fan will now tune in to watch the CBS draft when they otherwise wouldn’t have watched.

  13. The draft really has to be the most boring of things to watch..i can’t beleive that most people have nothing better to do than watching the morons talk about peopke no one knows about

  14. this is what happens when you do things to entice milliennials and leftists. NFL, most of us who post here regularly will love you no matter what you do, at least me, but alienating your core audience to placate the entire audience just doesn’t seem wise to me.

  15. It’s really difficult to believe that people are so hard up for entertainment that they’d spend hours and hours watching the draft. I’ll check out the first few picks, then look online for a summary later on. I’m not about to waste a day or an evening in front of the tv watching the draft. I’m just waiting for September and the start of the regular season. (By the way, have I mentioned how much I loathe having four preseason/exhibition games? That’s ridiculous. Two games should be more than enough to evaluate talent. You don’t need four games that don’t count. Here’s what you do, NFL: cut the preseason to two games, then add two games to the regular season. You still have the same amount of games overall, so what’s the problem?)

  16. TylerHills says:
    April 17, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Do a simulcast on as many networks as you want. Just don’t have a different crew working every single network.

    A simulcast is several broadcasts of the same thing.

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