Stephen Jones doesn’t understand Dez Bryant blaming “Garrett’s guys”

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Dez Bryant has called his release “personal.” Stephen Jones disagrees, saying it’s “business.”

Jones, the team’s executive vice president, said the release of the star receiver Friday was in “everybody’s best interest.”

“I think it’s always difficult because Dez was an amazing player for us,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. “He helped us win a lot of football games. At the same time, these things happen in our business.”

The Cowboys’ release of Bryant, who has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and has gone 23 games without a 100-yard game, saved them $8 million in cap space. They did not offer him a pay cut from the $12.5 million base salary he was due, which would have lowered his $16.5 million cap number.

That solidified Bryant’s feelings that some coaches and some former teammates — Jason “Garrett’s guys” — worked against him.

I don’t understand that comment,” Jones said. “I certainly respect anybody that has a comment about the organization. You certainly always see things when it’s difficult for a player to take the next step. Whether it’s a Larry Allen, DeMarcus Ware, an Emmitt Smith, all Hall of Famers who ended up playing with another team. Those things are hard. You know, when you have decided to move on, maybe there’s a thought in your mind [the player] that you weren’t a particular coach’s guy or an organizational guy. But I certainly don’t see that on this football team.”

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  1. Cowboys did Dez dirty! The players in that locker room know that too. After all those years of service they wait till the middle of April to release him after free agency is basically over and the money has dried up. Thats ruthless,and free agents thinking of signing there better beware of how that outfit is being run.

  2. THe way he has reacted to his release tells you all you need to know about why they released him. Granted it was late, but it was in the Cowboys best interest to find replacements and do due diligence to who was available in the draft. Dez was very well compensated the last 3 years. The Cowboys bent over backwards to babysit him for years. To the point of having an actual babysitter for him. He made a ton of Silver and Blue money during his last 3 years on the team. While performing like a mediocre #2 WR. Have a little class when you exit.

  3. I dont understand why its such a big deal, dez was paid like a top 5 guy when he wasnt even close. He calls for the ball against seattle and then lets a ball bounce off him to be intercepted and fumbles. He was more of a nuisance than a help.

  4. Stephen Jones always has something intelligent to say. I wonder who his real father is because the same can’t be said for Jerruh. Maybe the mailman’s IQ is double Jerruh’s.

  5. Easy to understand. DB is a diva and can’t believe Cowboys have noticed his declining skills while grossly overpaying him. So scapegoating somebody else is only way to assuage his bloated ego.

  6. time to move on dude….. recheck yourself and ask.. was I really worth a 16 Million hit to that team?

    Be honest with yourself and move on.

  7. Even “I” understand that comment!! He should be more understanding of people if he is going to be running the largely successful DC PRIOR to Steven Jones tenure!!!! They just think that people are stupid and don’t pick up subtle things. Its easy for Steven to call it “business”. But truth be known, its not ALWAYS business. Hence: Steven Jones making the decisions for Jerry Jones. That is called FAMILY!!! And in a real business, he would be spending the profits, but not running the show. What qualifies HIM to run the show anyway other than family! Jerry has a business sense, few understand. And he was willing to balance his dealing with special players on the team. At the end of the day, they are in the business of handling PEOPLE.

  8. And is it BUSINESS to hire Kellen Moore as THE QB coach, even though DAK is young and has a bit of a fall off last year, and Kellen Moore has never coached before. Does that sound like a smart business decision when most teams have ex offensive coordinators and even head coaches as QB coaches!!!! What qualifies Kellen? The smart business thing to do, since its obvious they love Kellen in a “business” chuckle chuckle sense. The smart thing to do was to bring in an accomplished QB coach for DAK and hire Kellen as an assistant and train him and see what he can become. The QB is the most important position on the field-they say. smh. Its business when it doesnt involve Steven. You can see the softness and inability to even want to deal with non conventional players (like Deion Sanders and many others were). But Deion helped the Cowboys get over the edge to get a SB. And Jerry has done that successfully with quite a few “headed” players. smh. There was no fear in Cowboys land when Jerry was making the final decisions. This is just a soft, family friendly era I guess. I dont think they are going to be smashmout with a bunch of softies on the team.

  9. i certainly understand the thought process of not offering him a pay cut, im certain he would’ve viewed the number as complete disrespect.

  10. Lol…who understands Dez period? Trying to decipher Dez’s TELL ALL INTERVIEW with NFLN was like trying to decipher what the teacher in Charlie Brown was always saying. These were Dez Bryant’s 2 classes at Oklahoma State:

    1. Coloring
    2. Recess

  11. So last fall Dez says no pay cut. Cowboys cut him and at lest meet with him to talk about it. Dez then says they never asked to take a pay cut. Huh?

  12. Stephen Jones is so “just a guy” and its proven by all the people who are so moderate and support him in these and other average decisions. I miss my Cowboys of old!

  13. Then you have NEVER understood Dez Bryant even coming out of college under a cloud!!! You people need to take a break stand back an look at what you have created
    beyond the ATM machine.. A bunch of self indulgent entitled playing a team sport and can’t spell T E A M!

  14. It is hypocritical for Stephen Jones to say the Dallas Cowboys are just a business. When you are outperforming your contract they want you to believe you are part of something bigger than just a business. When you are under performing it becomes a business real fast.

  15. It’s tuff for someone like Dez to admit his skills are slipping. He was being paid as a #1 receiver with game altering talent. Some players can adjust their game to still be valuable member of a team. The key is to admit you don’t have the same skill set and make an adjustment to other skills you have. Dez is still in denial and lashes out as a result. It was time for the Cowboys to move on. Dez should simply thank the Cowboys and move on with his life. Time to prove he has other skills and deserves to be on another team. Talk is cheap!

  16. “But Deion helped the Cowboys get over the edge to get a SB.”

    Um, err . . . TheTruthis, the Cowboys had 4 Lombardi Trophies before Deion signed on!

  17. Dez wanted a lot of bank for a mediocre #3 receiver. I would wager he signs for a lot less than what the paycut he refused to consider from Dallas would have been. If only Dezs skillset was as big as his ego.

    With his release does that mean the Cowboys are off the hook for babysitting futures? Did babysitting and diaper changing fees count against the cap?

    Lol, bye bye Dez. Philly, Washington and Dallas are all praying you sign with the Giants.

  18. I think The Truth and 700levelvet are the same dude. Their comments are always derogatory and are posted soon after a Cowboys story appears on PFT.

  19. He’s not the first superstar to be cut nor will he be the last. just just peyton manning, kurt warner, terrel owens, some of you get my point.

  20. Bryant hasn’t done anything since 2014 because 2014 was the last time he played with an NFL caliber QB

  21. @xavier179

    Ahh no we’re not the same DUDE and number 2 , you want me to pass out accolades to this team ?? Why ? C’mon give me ONE GOOD REASON !

  22. Nah Xavier… my comment consists of about 6 words… he just tries to explain it to the Cowboys morons…I could care less….

  23. Stephen, you should be above all that nonsense. Turn the page. All you have to do is remind people that the 49ers let Joe Montana go after 4 super bowl wins. Is Dez above Joe?

  24. “Garrett’s guys” lol. That is just classic. The spineless yes-man who stands on the sidelines clapping is the reason Dez was forced out. Because we all know, Jerry Jones bends to his coaches will, not the other way around huh? Nothing to do with the fact that Dez was WAY overpaid, under-produced, and constantly threw tantrums because he wanted to be treated like “the man”. Nah, forget all that. It was a Jason Garrett led witch hunt hahaha

    What a goof. All Dez did was solidify and validate their reasons for not keeping him. If it was any other team, he would have been cut much sooner. I have no idea what he thinks he’s crying about.

  25. The direction of the Cowboys offense is trending towards run-heavy and play action. Dez is better served going to a different team where he’ll get more touches. Dak-ball is not about the 7 step drop and wait for a Dez route to develop, or throwing him open like Romo could/did.

    The Giants would probably be a great fit. OBJ will take the double team, and Dez will get all the touches. I mean he couldn’t do worse than Brandon Marshall.

  26. “Cowboys did Dez dirty!”

    Oh sure, that 56 million dollars they’ve paid his was just plain awful. Especially given his attitude, antics and off field issues, they just treated him terribly.

    Dez is an a$$hat that creates far more problems than he’s worth whose been overpaid for years. The team did nothing wrong.

  27. The man just lost 12.5 million dollars. He’s gotta blame someone! Wise or unwise by the Cowboys it has been done. I hope upon hope they are not counting on Terrance (stone hands) Williams to take up the slack.

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