Jason Garrett ripped “soft” Cowboys offense after Week Two loss at Denver

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Broncos G.M. John Elway made waves during the 2017 season for publicly calling his team soft. Early in the year, Elway’s Broncos prompted the coach of another team to privately make the same assessment about his own team.

“The whole thing was soft,” coach Jason Garrett tells his offense after a Week Two loss in Denver, during the opening episode of Amazon’s All or Nothing that focuses on last year’s Dallas Cowboys. “Soft at the point of attack. Soft in the backside. It was soft with the runner. Not strong enough with the ball.”

Garrett, who has an affinity for profanity that could make Rex Ryan (maybe not him) blush, continued the verbal onslaught.

“We’ve established an identity in this league of being the most physical offensive line, the most physical running game,” Garrett said. “It was soft as hell. The foundation of this program is the word fight. I don’t care who we play, when we play, where we play. We’re up 100, we’re down 100. We’re gonna f–king fight. We’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna fight, we’re gonna f–ing fight.”

The show doesn’t tiptoe around the fact that running back Ezekiel Elliott quit on a pair of turnovers during the Broncos game. And while the second episode opens with owner/G.M. Jerry Jones making excuses for Elliott based on the stress he’s dealing with due to a looming six-game suspension, running backs coach Gary Brown pulled no punches in a separate coaches meeting.

“He gotta get his sh-t together,” Brown said. “This is f–king embarrassing and it’s a reflection on me. I’ll f–king get him right. I’m sick of this sh-t.”

I’m definitely not sick of All or Nothing. Amazon provided PFT with early access to the eight-episode season, and we’ll be sharing other intriguing nuggets here over the next couple of days.

33 responses to “Jason Garrett ripped “soft” Cowboys offense after Week Two loss at Denver

  1. Love them or hate them, the cowboys have to be the most talked about team, the pats 2nd

  2. I find it hilarious that a puppet coach such as Garrett would have the nerve to call anybody soft. He’s a spineless jellyfish which is exactly why jerry jones has him around. This, one of the main reasons the cowboys will never win.

  3. “And while the second episode opens with owner/G.M. Jerry Jones making excuses for Elliott based on the stress he’s dealing with due to a looming six-game suspension”

    This speaks volumes as to what’s wrong with the Cowboys, Jones is way to involved and he enables players instead of disciplining them.

  4. We can’t get rid of “Patty-Cake” and his “process”, fast enough for my liking!!! AND, btw, do take Linehan with him, out the door 🙁 We lost a great w/r coach, because Linehan would not let him have any say in the playbook…wth…Churn the bottom of the barrel and make everyone think all is well, while the main culprits remain! 9 years is a Hell of a long “process”, to accomplish virtually nada. By all means, play your starters against the Eagles 2nd and 3rd stringers, in a meaningless game & risking injuries, just to satisfy your ego of not going 8-8, yet again……smh And, we still only managed 6 pts, thanks to a struggling q/b and a horrid O play-calling scheme….

  5. A team is a reflection of the coach. Garret is just a figurehead and mouthpiece of JJ.

  6. “The foundation of this program is the word fight.”

    Word fighting isn’t gonna win games, JASON.

  7. Furthermore, were there ANY adjustments made after the Broncos’ game, that early in the season? NO…the “soft” offense continued under Linehan and Patty-Cake the entire season!!! Did JG, supposedly being an O mind, EVER overrule any of Linehan’s ludicrous plays he called?? Nope, we’ll still call 3 passes on a 3rd and goal, with Zeke standing by fresh as a daisy, and a struggling q/b 🙁 Any posters who think it is now “my way or the highway” for Jerry Jones, have not been paying close attention the past few years! Tony and Dez were like his sons, and they are both gone! I will certainly look forward to future “nuggets” on just how inadequate the coaching staff of my team are 🙁 Thoroughly disgusted fan…..

  8. Tell me, when he yelled at his team did he have that dumb smirk on his face that he has whenever they gain 3 yards or more?

  9. Raising children into their teens and then trying to
    instill discipline will not work. Garrett has always
    been too soft and a yes man to jerry, if Garrett thinks
    he can spit out a couple of cuss words and gain the respect
    of the team and Jerry now then he is still clueless.
    I would take 90% of the coaches in the NFL over Garrett.

  10. When you’re the Dallas Cowboys, something as mundane as a coach getting angry, 9 months ago, is headline news…

  11. When you’re the Dallas Cowboys, something as mundane as a coach getting angry, 7 months ago, is headline news…

  12. He knew it would be televised so he swore a couple words to make it look like he called out the players then ran to confession to ask for forgiveness….

  13. I’m not sure why he wasn’t ripping the defense in that game.
    Their play made Siemian look like Tom Brady.

  14. Jason Garrett has only lasted as coach of that team because he himself is soft! It’s no secret that he’s a Yes Man for Jerry. Even Dallas fans won’t argue that. Throwing around the F-bomb in locker room doesn’t make you a good coach. If that were the case, Ray Rhodes would’ve been a Hall of Famer! Holding players accountable for their actions on & off the field (and winning of course) makes you a good coach.

  15. Things would be a lot different if Jim Harbaugh was the coach, they would be a much better team & they sure would not be “soft”.

  16. Correction, Garrett is serving at the pleasure of Steven Jones. The real softy. He doesnt even have the whatever to deal with “rough around the edges” players. He wants peace and quiet and “yes” men as players. And there often comes an edge with brute players. Garrett and Steven wants no parts of that. Jerry has fired his best friend, Landry, and quite a few others. So this holding on to Garrett is being revealed as Steven Jones led more so than Jerry. Jerry is about winning and he will put up with a lot to get the wins. This soft team is about Steven and what makes him comfortable. He wants to be comfortable. And he is.

  17. I think this is a sort of make or break year for Garrett. I think with Elliot suspension, he got a pass, and the defense shouldn’t have excuses related to personnel. I think he has to make the playoffs to keep his job.

  18. Wow I guess Bill Parcells was SOFT as well, that SCRUB won Nothing here!

    Garrett has taken this team to the Playoffs Twice.
    Garrett has REBUILT an ENTIRE team the RIGHT way through the Draft.
    Garrett went from a 3/4 to a 4/3 While trying to find the right coaches/players through the process.
    Garrett the ONLY HC to have instilled some power over Jerry from making bone head draft picks.
    Jason the Only HC to have Stephen on his side helping control Jerry.

    Garrett going through this ENTIRE REBUILD Being the HC for AMERICAS TEAM WORKING FOR JERRY JONES ….
    SMH! that you CLOWNS want a change! And to whom? Some cat like PARCELLS???? Oh wait that blow hard
    couldnt win here as Proven.

    Garrett doing it the right way WHILE still learning and handling jerry!
    Even Billicheat got fired…… carefull what you CLOWNS wish for. There is No Magic HC for the Cowboys out there!

  19. @bangpow

    Ya and lost their first game on home field to a team that gave up 50 the following week

  20. Dak is a new school Alex Smith, a modern day ‘checkdown Charlie’. He won’t throw receivers open or challenge defenses with his deep ball. Give him some weapons and let him manage the game. Don’t expect him to win games for you, though.

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