Jaguars to open the NFL’s first dog park

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Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

The Jaguars have announced a historic first, as they’re opening the NFL’s first in-stadium dog park this fall at EverBank Field.

And it’s not just a place for their 2008 through 2016 teams to congregate, but a new amenity as they try to punch up their fan experience. At a time when teams are worried about people staying home and watching it on TV, allowing some of them to bring man’s best friend along can’t hurt.

Of course, things could get ugly if the Browns show up and start throwing dog bones around, but for a team that was recently known for a stadium full of tarps, trying to do something unique’s a great idea.

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  1. My sources tells me if this screwy idea works, Goodell plans to do it across the league, charging dog owners only $87 to bring their hounds to the park. Dog biscuits, however, will — thanks to Arthur Blank’s pricing innovations in Atlanta — start at only $7.95 each. As for me, I’ll have my old dawg snoring quietly at my feet in my man cave while I’m watching the games on my flatscreen TV.

  2. Known for tarps? Really? How about oversized stadium in a small market built to house bowl games and college size crowds and while only covering up a couple thousand seats, still didnt have any blackouts in years. Or how about great team on the rise that made the AFC championship game and has great coaching, ownership, management, and players. Thanks for letting us know about the cool new dog aminity but dont make people upset by stating unfounded claims. I am willing to guess that if you polled a thousand people around the country, maybe 1 or 2 in a hundred even knew the jags had tarps up.

  3. It’s going to take 400,000 years of selling out one of the largest stadiums in the NFL for folks to let go of the fact there were seats covered for a few years.

  4. When my dog (whom I love, and is the definition of best friend), asks me… “Yo, guy who feeds me, can ya take me to a football game?” Then I’ll consider it…

  5. “trying to do something unique’s a great idea.”

    Really? The pools and cabanas weren’t unique enough?

    The dog park isn’t to get past people thinking about the parks. It’s the latest in a series of additions and improvements to the stadium since Shad Khan took over. The new massive video boards, new video throughout the stadium, new sound system, new locker rooms, completely redid the club sections, pools, cabanas, DJ, sections for honoring veterans, a new south end zone entrance for the players, attached auditorium that’s already drawn a lot of concerts, indoor practice field right beside it, and yeah, now the dog park as well. It’s just an unending process of improving the experience as much as possible.

    Plus they’re working on an entertainment district around the stadium, which will improve the game day experience even more (as well as the city’s riverfront).

    “Something new to do with the tarped-off areas of the stadium!”

    The tarps have all been removed, and they’re selling tickets for the seats this year. The dog park is going where they used to have the bell to ring in the fourth quarter, which is moving to the opposite end zone as part of a military appreciation area.

  6. kingbds says:
    April 19, 2018 at 12:25 pm
    Known for tarps? Really? How about oversized stadium in a small market built to house bowl games and college size crowds and while only covering up a couple thousand seats, still didnt have any blackouts in years.
    Oversized stadium in a small market? You mean like Lambeau Field, 3rd largest capacity in the NFL (1065 seats smaller than Met Life in NYC) and sold out since 1960?

    You talking about blackouts? I don’t even know what that means. Blackouts? Like the game isn’t on TV???!! Does that even happen??

  7. I love dogs.

    I understand the need for service dogs for those who need the assistance.

    I can not tolerate dog people.

    Restaurants, malls, grocery store, post office….

    Enough already.

    Leave your DOGS at HOME!!

  8. Hey Jag fans…no use trying to win over the knucklehead jokester (who need to keep their day job) fans of other teams…they are never going to like your team. Quit trying to explain it to them.

    Just ignore them….it’s us against the world!

  9. Looking under every rock for more money. Omg, I bet they have a 25$ doggie owner selfie booth too. What a great addition to the family instagram page. Their dog will talk about the experience forever.

  10. It’s fantastic Greenbay has been selling out for all those years. The “cold” truth is what other outdoor options are available during football season in Greenbay? We in Florida have endless choices. Football being one of many!

  11. Hmmmm. I wonder if a requirement for all male dogs is that they are fixed. If not, I can’t even begin to imagine…

  12. Some fans will have a hard time sorting out which are the dogs in the stands and the ones on the field…

  13. They better have a squadron of young security guards to chase the dogs when they run out onto the field. That’s one way to get people to watch Jags games, comedy is always welcome. Are they doing this with an eye to adding prop bets in Vegas?

  14. I forgot to mention, are they going to sign that guy who faked dropping a load as his touchdown celebration? Watch your step, folks!

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