NFL eliminates road Sunday games after road Monday games

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Last year five NFL teams had to play a road game on Monday night, and then had to play another road game the following Sunday.

Some of those teams complained to the league office about it, so this year such trips were eliminated.

With the 2018 NFL schedule now released, it’s been confirmed that every team that plays a Monday night road game is either at home the next Sunday, or on its bye week the next week.

That should be a popular scheduling policy with players, many of whom say that they’re not at their best when traveling twice during short work weeks.

18 responses to “NFL eliminates road Sunday games after road Monday games

  1. More importantly Buffalo hosting MNF against the pats!!! Group of my friends already making plans!!! I can’t rem the last time I was this excited about an upcoming season. At least 10 years ago when I really enjoyed football 🏈 this year have more time to focus on it again.

  2. Good start. Now if they would only eliminate Thursday night games. Players may say they aren’t at their best when traveling twice on short weeks but they certainly aren’t at their best (nor is it safe) when they play two games in five days.

  3. Jimmy I’ve watched but been unable to focus like I wanted. So now I’m back and ha snow and cold doesn’t stop buffalo fans!

  4. .
    now eliminate thursday games that follow a Sunday or Monday game.
    aka all of them.

    not like Thursday games are even less time than what just got changed or anything, nah they arent, cant be

  5. I finally agree the NFL is at least correcting some of the obvious scheduling mistakes.

    PS: Another gambling secret taken away. Works amazing in the NBA. But that life is long gone, for me.

  6. Park Ave will find a way to exclude the Pats from that exclusion… No joke, look at Brady-era games v Steelers & Broncos – 2/3rds (a combined 15 of 23) played on the road, often on a short week for Pats too. Weird how that happens.

  7. It’s about time! Now if they’d only get rid of Thursday night games and those stupid trips to Europe!!

  8. baldy55 says:
    April 19, 2018 at 10:41 pm
    The Jets play their first three games IN 10 DAYS !!!

    Like it matters for the Jets…

  9. They should eliminate road playoff games for the team that’s hosting the SB. Then my vikings wouldn’t have been destroyed 38-7 by philly!!

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