Jaguars don’t see any glaring needs with draft approaching

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The Jaguars hold the 29th overall pick in this year’s draft and it might take them a moment or too to get used to those surroundings.

It’s the first time that the team has been drafting outside of the Top 10 since the 2007 season, which represents the major change in circumstances that took place in 2017. The Jaguars went 10-6, won the AFC South and advanced to the conference title game to break a long run as one of the league’s worst teams.

General Manager Dave Caldwell said at a Friday press conference that the team’s “process stays the same” despite their new neighborhood, but he did identify one big difference from past years when rookies were expected to step right into the lineup.

“[The media has] been around us where we didn’t have guys to line up with at this point of the year,” Caldwell said, via the Florida Times-Union. “Our first year here, we had to draft rookies and start them. Now we can take the best player available. We have needs, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t have a glaring need.”

The lack of a glaring need creates several paths that the Jaguars could take next week in terms of both positions to target and trades to entertain while they’re on the board. Making the right decisions about which ones to take should help the Jaguars improve their chances of staying at the bottom end of the first round a while longer.

25 responses to “Jaguars don’t see any glaring needs with draft approaching

  1. If only the HC wouldn’t have choked in the championship game… Drafting seems irrelevant.

  2. 100% true. A better guard would be nice. A younger TE would be nice. No other rookies would even have a chance to start.

  3. Only the perpetually inept Jags can see that a 10-6 team has no glaring holes.


  4. LOL

    This is how organizations crash and burn right here.

    A team makes the postseason and all of a sudden thinks they’re going to go to the playoffs every year now.

    They’re in a for a rude awakening.

  5. packers291 says:
    April 20, 2018 at 4:20 pm
    If only Myles Jack wasn’t whistled down. Because he wasn’t down.


    Well, it wasn’t a fumble because Lewis’s knee was down before the ball was finally stripped from his possession. Just be happy Goodell cheated the Pats for you in the end, and it worked.

  6. No glaring needs? That OL was terrible last year. Signing one guy isn’t going to fix that. They need to get a couple more OL in this draft and maybe a long-term answer at QB. I don’t have any faith in Bortles. However, the OL needs to be a priority in this draft. Maybe another WR too.

  7. He may right. The Jaguars need for a quarterback isn’t “glaring”. Words like “conspicuous”, “excessive”, and “extreme” are probably more accurate.

  8. Good team on the rise.

    People forget it was Hackett’s first year as OC. The guys did a wonderful job.

    And Jack shouldn’t have been whistled dead.

  9. ROFL. Offensive weapons starting with the QB.

    This team is content on being just above mediocre.

  10. It’s nice to see them do well, they’ve had some long seasons and I hope it doesn’t happen but teams with shaky QBs are more susceptible to regression after very good seasons

  11. Well, it wasn’t a fumble because Lewis’s knee was down before the ball was finally stripped from his possession. Just be happy Goodell cheated the Pats for you in the end, and it worked.

    It’s always good for a chuckle to read a Pat’s troll interpret a refs call….totally rational and unbiased….YAWN.

  12. The Jags are a Team that is improving, but seriously consider they had the 31st easiest schedule and only went 10-6. Seriously, only the Colts had it better. 2 years ago the Dolphins had the 27th easiest schedule and they went 10-6 also, just sayin’.

  13. “they had the 31st easiest schedule ”

    This is the NFL. The difference between the most and least difficult schedule is miniscule.

  14. Glaring needs?
    RG – Cann is just OK
    NB – Colvin was a beast and I’m unsure about Hayden.
    QB – Bortles did OK and has improved a bit every year… but if we get a shot to get a stud, we should take it.
    TE – We have a bunch of cast offs from ASJ to Niles Paul… gotta get Hurst or Andrews or something…

    And that should about cover the first 4 rounds.
    Don’t tell me we can’t get 2-3 starters from this draft and at least real competition for BB5.

  15. Hey Jag fans…no use trying to win over the knucklehead jokester (who need to keep their day job) fans of other teams…they are never going to like your team. Quit trying to explain it to them.

    Just ignore them…it’s us against the world!

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