Josh Allen had seven visits, one private workout

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Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen enters the draft as possibly the first overall pick. In advance of the selection process, he visited with seven total teams.

In an interview that will be included later today in the award-eligible PFT PM podcast, Allen listed the teams he has visited: Browns, Giants, Jets, Broncos, Dolphins, Bills, and Cardinals.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Allen said that, despite the seven visits, he had only one private workout. And he opted to keep that information to himself, although he admitted that it was with one of the teams he visited, and that the team plays on the East Coast.

That narrows it to five: Browns, Giants, Jets, Bills, Dolphins.

He also said the workout went well, along with plenty of other interesting things that you’ll hear soon if you do one thing: Subscribe now to the PFT PM podcast.

As a bonus, you’ll hear an interview with Cardinals running back David Johnson, and whatever else happens to come up during the podcast of whatever duration it ends up being.

UPDATE 3:02 p.m. ET: Apparently, the Jets were the team that worked Allen out.

30 responses to “Josh Allen had seven visits, one private workout

  1. This kid can play. Don’t let his low completion % fool you. Whoever drafts him (except CLE who can’t develop QBs) will be set at the position for a long time. He’s going surprise the league.

  2. His passing % at Wyoming was morbid and they played against two talented teams and were flogged. Kid couldn’t buy a completed pass against Iowa and Oregon. Now he is going to be good in the NFL where the Defense are light years ahead of anything has even come close to? I don’t see this kid doing anything in the NFL but collecting a
    Nice guaranteed first round contract.

  3. I hope the Jets make this kid a rich man. It’s business not personal. Please Jets fulfill this kids dreams.

    Best regards
    This Patriots fan.

  4. The Jets won’t be taking Allen, they’ve been bitten by a similar prospect to Allen in Christian Hackenberg and it would be a disaster and a tough sell to the fan base for the GM if they took the same risk again, they’ll be taking Mayfield/Rosen at #3. He’s going to fall to #5 and either Denver takes him or the Bills fall in love and trade up to #5.

  5. Man all these QB gurus bashing the kid. If i’m a gm i definitely stay clear of him. Lol

  6. waynefontesismyfather says:
    April 20, 2018 at 2:52 pm
    This kid has Akili Smith written all over him.


    Wrong! Akili Smith was actually a good college player. Josh Allen, not so much. But he does have Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker and EJ Manuel written all over him.

  7. I read in several places there’s one stat in college that doesn’t change substantially in the NFL, no matter the coaching and training, and it’s completion percentage. Having a good one in college doesn’t mean you’ll do well in the NFL, but having a bad one almost guarantees you won’t.

    If you feel comfortable drafting someone that will struggle to hit 55% of his passes go for it. I would not.

  8. LOVE reading all of the negative comments about Josh Allen. We all know the odds are stacked against ANY QB making it in the NFL (a very, very small percentage become good QBs, let alone ‘elite’).

    Allen EASILY has the most upside. HE has huge hands, a rocket arm, incredible athleticism/mobility, and is so coachable. Allen has looked GREAT this offseason. Most fans would say he looked anything but great in college (which ironically doesn’t matter that much because NFL personnel people project how they think prospects will fit into their Pro Style-schemes, not how they actually did in college — sounds crazy but it’s true).

    Allen is also the only QB of the “Big 5” that played in a real pro style-offense )less learning curve perhaps?). He took way more snaps under college than any other top QB prospect.

    He also worked with far less talent than the other top QBs. Even compared to the competition of the Mountain West, Wyoming was a sub-par team with sub-par talent.

  9. @sllabskcustfpk

    Bwahahahahaha…..don’t believe everything you read and see at the Underwear Olympics. This dude has never seen a DE who can lay down a 4.6 40 coming to kill him. He has zero chance of succeeding on the big stage.

  10. The bottom line is this kid can lead a team to a few super bowls. If that’s not good enough, ask him what his sister in law eats for breakfast, or what sports his 3rd cousin played.

  11. Terry Bradshaw (4 super bowl wins) played at a smaller school, and John Elway (2 super bowl wins) was 13-18 at Stanford. I guess you can choose whatever stats you want to look at. I’d say just look at the tape. If you have no idea what you’re looking at, then you’ll have to trust idiots like me.

  12. Every college QB who gets drafted or gets signd as a UFA, eac of them must make that huge step from college football to pro football. One or more of these QBs might be able to successfully mske that transition OR none of them will succeed

  13. Wow this could get crazy for ‘Quarterback needy’ teams to get into the top four picks for one of the coveted quarterback prospects. The Dolphins, Patriots and Bills all in the same division want and need a top Quarterback prospect. The Giants or Browns could give up their 2nd and 4th draft positions for multiple picks, most likely to be finalized while on the clock! Meanwhile John Elway positioned at five has announced his desire to possibly trade down for picks.

  14. Josh Allen college career completion pct: 56.2
    Brett Favre college career completion pct: 52.4

    … Just sayin.

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