Report: Chuck Pagano will serve as NFL consultant

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Chuck Pagano will return to the NFL this season, but he won’t be on the sideline.

Pagano will take the fall off from coaching, instead working for the league as a consultant during the 2018 season, Troy Renck of Denver7 reports.

Pagano’s father, Sam, was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame earlier this week. Peyton Manning also earned induction in the Class of 2018.

The Colts fired Chuck Pagano as head coach after six seasons. Thirteen other Colts’ coaches found jobs in the NFL or a collegiate program, according to Andrew Walker of the team website.

9 responses to “Report: Chuck Pagano will serve as NFL consultant

  1. The banner ceremony for this accomplishment will be held on the colts home opener.

  2. “Pagano will take the fall off from coaching“… Please allow me to translate. Pagano failed so miserably that no one wants his stink all over their franchise. However bc he’s part of the good ol boys network of the NFL who keeps giving jobs to complete stiffs like Jeff Fisher, we’ll give him an advisor’s gig at the NFL offices to keep the paper clip container filled at all times.

  3. OK, as long as he is kept away from anything having to do with special teams.

  4. Sept 2015 – Luck injures shoulder v Titans (admits Apr 2017 he constantly had to rehab it since).
    Sept 2016 – Pagano claims Luck is fine and Grigson rips media for the constant querying of it.
    Sept 2017 – Pagano tries to deflect renewed media queries by ridiculously saying he just didn’t know because he hasn’t watched Luck practice.
    Sept 2015 onwards – despite Luck’s admission, no league action for shoulder not listed on 25 of 29 injury reports.

    Nor any investigation of ribgate, nor any fines for carrying a needle to the sidelines (which they then illegally used on a Pats ball to start deflategate, and then lied about why they did so, falsely claiming their player D’Qwell Jackson had said ball felt soft when he says he said no such thing)… I give you Mr Integrity’s new right-hand man, Pagano.

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