Report: Giants not “currently” interested in Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant has worked out with Odell Beckham this week and has expressed a desire to play for the Giants. But it takes two to do a deal, and the Giants don’t seem interested.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Giants “are not at this point in time vying for his services.”

The only report of a team interested in Bryant has been the Ravens.

Bryant has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and his last 100-yard game came November 13, 2016, giving him a 23-game streak without one.

32 responses to “Report: Giants not “currently” interested in Dez Bryant

  1. I get the diva comments. I don’t get the Dez is a bum or washed up statements. Yeah, he is getting older but what are the three things that changed in the last two years. Romo retired, Prescott became the QB, and Elliott was drafted. Prescott does not through the ball as deep as Romo did and the Cowboys rely more on the run now. Let’s see what the Cowboys Ariel attack looks this year without Dez. If Jerry Jones was mad last year because the Eagles won the Super Bowl, he will be even madder as the Cowboys take a step back this year or stay the same.

  2. 49erfan44 says:

    Dez is a bum. NYG saw it twice a year.
    i heard that the Niners are now the front runners to sign Dez, have fun watching that bum 16 times a year.

  3. Dez Bryant would never make it as a NYG… You can’t possibly put Bryant across Beckham and expect it to work. Both are ME type players, both believe they are worth way more than they actually are and there is not enough passes in the world to keep both of these guys happy. I know Manning throws much more than your average quarterback, but not even he could keep these two knuckleheads happy. Bryant needs to go to a team where he is the centerpiece. He needs to go somewhere that has a slower nightlife than Dallas or New York. Maybe somewhere like… ehh maybe there is not a team that could support those needs? I guess we will soon find out.

  4. Bonehead move, It’s his own fault. He should have never tipped his hand by expressing absolute desire to remain in NFC East. This comment limited his potential landing spots to 3, not to mention also giving the NFC East teams contract $$$ leverage as well! Dez should have been quiet and taken bids from all interested NFL teams and if the Giants wanted him, then they would had to sign him at a premium price!

  5. Look, if Garapulo, or however it is spelled, gets Dez, 49ers offense will take a step forward. Some other receiver broke out this past season on the niners(can’t remember his name and too lazy to look it up). He and Dez will make a nice duo.

  6. His agent should start getting Dez to lower his expectations. Dez will probably want to be “the man” wherever he goes. That’s not going to happen. He’s probably going to want a truckload of money. That’s not going to happen. Who is to blame? Dez is to blame. He’s been a malcontent and bad actor his entire time in Dallas. Then after cutting him he went scorched earth on Dallas. That likely didn’t engender him to any teams and the few teams that would have been interested are now going to think long and hard about signing him. His tirade about not taking a paycut was a bad idea. The Cowboys probably would have been willing to pay him far more than what he’s going to get now. Dez’s words are coming back to haunt him and he just can’t help himself from continuing to say things he shouldn’t.

  7. Simple math. If you are awesome, teams want you. If you have good character, teams want you. If you are good at your job, you don’t last in FA very long. Especially before the draft. Dez has been out of job for a while and has scared away potential employment. Dez, you really have to shut up. You are black balling yourself.

  8. I kinda doubt that anyone is super interested right now.
    He’ll get some low ball offers after the draft.
    He’s past his prime and a known headache.
    Not a huge market for that…
    A lesson for future headache receivers.

  9. This is a good example for why people didn’t want kaepernick- past performance does not equal current ability. A couple years ago Dez would have been Josh norman level of sought after being released similarly late in free agency. Even if Dez’s abilities have decreased I can’t imagine he can’t or won’t be at least a solid rotational receiver on most teams, but the diva/media circus aspect makes them hesitant. I imagine someone will pick him up pretty quickly if he can accept a one year prove it type deal. Pretty crazy how fast things change in the NFL.

  10. The Giants do not have enough cap room to sign Dez and their draft picks with less than $10 million in cap space. If they do wind up singing him it will be after the draft and more roster moves in order to clear enough cap room. Otherwise they will look elsewhere. IMO they can get better value than Dez. Dallas would not have let him go if he could still justify that contract.

  11. With the signing of Willie Snead the Ravens are no longer interested in Dez. He is not a better than average receiver and 10 rookies in a draft that has mediocre receivers are better than him. He better be looking for a prove it deal with anybody or start looking for a new way to make a living.

  12. As much as the other teams in the NFC East–New York, Philadelphia and Washington–hate Dallas, and they all really hate Dallas, none of them have expressed any interest in signing Dez Bryant. Why? Because they’ve all played against him twice a year for years and know what kind of player he is, and now he’s not worth the money or the trouble.

    None of the other teams in the NFC has expressed much interest either. Maybe some team in the AFC might sign him, probably Baltimore or possibly Houston, but otherwise he’s headed for the CFL or most likely the new AAFL. The latter are desperate for wasted talent. I mean, Steve Spurrier is trying to sign Tim Tebow away from minor league baseball. Perhaps they’ll make a winning combination, or at least fill empty seats.

  13. Based on the last 3 years, he is good, but not great, seems to be injury-prone, and has diva-tendencies. Until he proves otherwise, not worth more than about 6M.

  14. Dez gave away all his negotiating leverage when he promptly announced, “I want to play the Cowboys twice a year”

    While that still might happen, it will probably be a league minimum wage or at the very least, well below what Dez wants to make.

  15. Dez should learn from DeSean Jackson. Do not make life decisions based on spite. Don’t worry about the Cowboys. Your best revenge is success and winning. Go to a place thats the best fit for you, not to spite the Cowboys by playing them twice a year.

  16. The Giants “currently” have one head case receiver, a second is really going to help calm the situation down right?

    Just because Dez wants to try and stick it to a team that paid him almost 60 million dollars and put up with his antics while he declined doesn’t mean any of the other NFCE teams should touch this guy.

  17. Jerry is loving this… and will toss him a lifeline at the end of FA. $3M / yr with performance based escalators.

    We’ll see how much of a “Cowboy for Life” Dez is then.

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