Texans “optimistic” about signing Jadeveon Clowney to extension

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There was a report in late March that the Texans and linebacker Jadeveon Clowney were making progress on talks about a contract extension, but they haven’t reached the finish line yet.

General Manager Brian Gaine was asked about the status of those discussions during a Friday press conference.

“I won’t discuss our negotiations publicly, but I’m optimistic that something can be done. …The guy’s a disruptive player. He plays the run well. So we’re doing our best to fortify our nucleus of players, and we’d like him to be a part of it.” Gaine said, via ESPN.com.

Clowney is set to make just over $12.3 million in the option year of his rookie contract. His next deal figures to be a sizable one and Gaine said that he’d prefer not to conduct negotiations on a deal with anyone once the regular season gets underway.

5 responses to “Texans “optimistic” about signing Jadeveon Clowney to extension

  1. The Texans should table any new contract talk until after the season is over. I would like to see how great a motivated Clowney could play if he knew that his next contract was going to be based on his 2018 performance.

  2. Don’t do it….this league is won on fluidity and first 4-5 year control of non budget busters outside of QB. Trade him rather than pay him. One guy = 1 injury away from big money spent on the IR.

  3. The Texans have plenty of cap space available right now. They can front-load a contract with a hefty signing bonus and prevent him from getting to the open market. After all, that whole “bust” thing has kind of faded, no?

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