Jets pick up Leonard Williams’ fifth-year option

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Unsurprisingly, the Jets won’t be letting defensive lineman Leonard Williams leave any time soon.

The Jets announced on Saturday morning that they have picked up the fifth-year option on Williams’ contract.

Williams was the sixth overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft, and he’s developed into a quality starter who hasn’t missed a game. So picking up his option was an easy decision.

This year Williams remains a bargain, with a salary of $2.975 million. Next year, with his fifth-year option picked up, his salary skyrockets to $14.2 million.

First overall pick Jameis Winston, second overall pick Marcus Mariota, fifth overall pick Brandon Scherff and 13th overall pick Andrus Peat have also had their fifth-year options picked up. The full list of fifth-year option decisions from the 2015 first round is right here.

6 responses to “Jets pick up Leonard Williams’ fifth-year option

  1. .
    Whatever QB the Jets draft at #3 will have the weight of the world on his shoulders. New York fans are still looking for a worthy successor to Joe Namath.

  2. The Jets wouldn’t pay Richardson or Wilkerson…why would they pay Williams–whos not even as good as the first two were their first couple years…

    The jests subscribe to that bogus draft best player available strategy…which has resulted in selecting 3 defensive linemen and 3 safeties in the first round since 2011…and what has that gotten them…?

    Half those first round picks are no longer with the team…If they had all become pro bowlers, how could the Jests pay all of them?

    Drafting best player available is the dumbest strategy…that’s also how Detroit drafted 3 WRs in a four year span…they didn’t need WRs, but they were the best available…

    Dallas drafted for need by taking Martin, Zeke and Frederick in the first round…and took heavy criticism for taking a Center…now they have the best Guard, Center, and RB in the league…

  3. williams kinda sucks for #6 overall. he also played next to wilkerson and richardson and did next to nothing.

    i have never seen him make a play excpet dive into the backfield in the 1st qtr and trip up an rb for a 2 yard loss, only to disappear the rest of the game.

    If he was so good, he would have had a slam dunk contract extension by now.

    Instead, he uses his leverage and this may be his last year in NY, which means the jets wasted another top 10 pick. lol

  4. Refreshingly, @Pick6 is finally letting go of the “Jets are in cap hell” diatribe…but he still clings to the ‘BigCat is a bust’ mantra…

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