Giants may look to trade Ereck Flowers

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Three years ago, the Giants used the ninth overall pick in the draft on offensive tackle Ereck Flowers. This year, they might take any draft pick they could get for him.

Flowers has not participated in the Giants’ offseason workouts, which is not a great way to endear himself to new G.M. Dave Gettleman and new head coach Pat Shurmur, and Jordan Raanan of ESPN writes that the Giants could try to move Flowers during the draft.

The Giants have not said whether they will pick up Flowers’ fifth-year option, but if they’re looking to move on from him they likely wouldn’t want that option, which would give him a $12.5 million salary in 2019, a salary that would become guaranteed if Flowers suffered a serious injury. Flowers’ salary this year is $2.4 million, and the Giants may want that salary off their books.

Still, Flowers is only 23 years old and has started 46 games in three NFL seasons. Some team may see the talent that made him a Top 10 pick and be tempted to see how he can develop, even if the Giants are ready to move on.

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  1. Wanting to trade and being able to trade are two different things. Like a piece of doggy doo stuck to the bottom of their shoe, I’m afraid the Giants won’t be able to trade Ereck Flowers.

  2. Jerry Depaz says:
    April 22, 2018 at 11:06 am
    They need to shed all the money they can to sign DEZ X!! Top two receiver combo.

    LOL Giants fans said the same thing about the “Unstoppable OBJYN, Sheppard, Marshall Trio”. The only good thing to come out of that is the #2 pick

  3. I’m not sure how good he is or could have been, or even if he has the desire. I am as sure as I can be that he never had a chance when they tried to make an LT our of an RT.

  4. “Why would you trade for a bust?”

    Because there are reasons these guys are drafted high. Perhaps they didn’t fit into the scheme, couldn’t adjust to a new city, got in the doghouse early and couldn’t recover, whatever.

    Plus, you’re getting them for pennies on the dollar, in terms of draft capital. All that being said, I’m not giving up anything more than a 6th round pick swap for Wreck Flowers. (My phone auto corrected Ereck into Wreck, and it’s too fitting to change.)

  5. tylawspick6 says:
    April 22, 2018 at 11:28 am
    why would you trade for a bust?

    Why don’t you ask your GM? He has traded for first round busts Jonathan Cooper (7th overall) and Danny Shelton (12th overall) along with second round bust Kony Ealy. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head in the last two seasons.

    Chess while you play checkers…

  6. I live in the tri-state so I know what a disappointment & bust Flowers has been on the left side. There was some albeit small hope he could pan out on the right side but his abscence at camp looks like he isn’t happy about the switch as he is litterally the last guy who should be holding out. He has used up all his good will w this franchise old regime or not and should be busting his jump trying to make the squad.
    All that said he was 1st rd top 10 draft pick and no matter how misserable he has played the Giants were only his first team and he is still young. There are plenty of teams who’s front office had him ranked high on their boards. W only a contract of 2 million this year some te out there will give up a late pick in this years draft for him. A team like the Raiders who have 3 6th rd picks and an aging left tackle in Donald Penn who has played well but doesn’t have many seasons left would be a good fit. The Giants won’t get much if anything for him at this point but I can see a team giving up a 6th rd pick for a top 10 talent still young on a cheap one year prove it deal

  7. Nobody is going to give up any draft choice for him, they’ve seen him play. Well, they could package him with Beckham: yeah, Beckham and Flowers for a number two. Some team might go for that.

  8. @tylawspicksix

    Seeing that you are a patriots bandwagon boy and thus limited in your knowledge please know that guys like : jimmy smith, clowney, dan wilkinson, mark barron alex smith, chris long, mark ingram etc were all considered huge busts at one time. Plenty of time for flowers to get his game together.

  9. The other top Tackles that was drafted in round 1 that year never played Tackle. Even Collins who was supposed to be a #1, played Guard but did play RT. How die Ogbuehi do after sitting for a few years replacing Whitworth?

    Maybe Scherff or Peat would be the one this article is about.

    His failure is on the Giants as it’s been quite obvious for a while he does not have the skill set to succeed at LT. The Giants messed up bigtime and kept forcing it when they should have moved him to Guard like the Redskins and Saints did.

  10. Can rookie contracts be restructured or are they set in stone?

    I’d tell Flowers we want to see you at RT or G. Here’s your 2.5 and give him 2.5 next year, if he makes the team. Otherwise, cut him. No way the Giants are going to invest a possible 15 million in him when all he is doing is competing for a roster spot or a change of position. Giants screwed this up. It was painful to watch.

  11. Wow, a guy no one thought should have been a top 10 pick was taken in the top 10 and he flamed out really fast? Didnt see that one coming…this was always one of the wildly dumb picks of that draft.

  12. @tylawpick6

    Showing the troll, er, true colors. Johnathon Cooper ring a bell? Danny Shelton doesn’t play like a top-10 pick either. How’d Kony Ealy work out for great dynasty? Ha. Barkevious Mingo? Yeah, smart guy right here…

  13. .
    The Patriots will often take a look at a player whom they liked coming out, but has underperformed with the original team that selected him. Sometimes these reclamation projects pay dividends. Other times they’re on a fool’s errand. However, the only way to really know is to get the guy in camp and see how it goes.

    With that said, I think that both Flowers and Eli Appel would be better off with a change of scenery.

  14. “They need to shed all the money they can to sign DEZ X!! Top two head case combo”

    Lolz fixed your statement for you.

  15. Flowers did not do a bad job of pass blocking in 2017. He only gave up 2-3 sacks. However his run blocking is poor and when he has to move and block in space his blocking is abysmal. In a different running scheme, i.e. zone blocking, which Shurmur intends to use (more fullback, less running from shotgun, easier assignments), he might improve. If Jordan Ranaan got this story from someone on the Giants it’s just to send a message to Flowers-get in here and do the work. If Ranaan just made it up out of his fantasy life, it’s just that-fantasy.

  16. This is hilarious jets fan here who watches the giants he was they’re best offensive lineman last season hands down, I’ll take him and put him on the right side this kids still got tons of potential.

  17. The guy should…SHOULD…be able to transition inside. He doesnt have the hand/foot skills or the quickness to play either tackle position. If he is the one refusing to make the switch then cut him if you cant trade him. Id rather have 2nd year man Chad Wheeler at RT anyway.

  18. Seattle loves busts….they have 3-4 top 20 picks from the 2013 draft currently being recycled. Maybe they will give up a 5th rounder if Giants convert his salary to a signing bonus payable immediately.

  19. “This is hilarious jets fan here who watches the giants…”

    … win 4 Superbowls while the Jets and their fans stew in their jealous little brother stew.

  20. Flowers wasn’t even bad last year. Needs to work on his blocking once he is off the line, but Pugh and Richburg were worse, along with Jerry. Jones and Flowers were the least of my concerns last year.

  21. Houston’s projected starters are a 2nd year guy that was really bad in his first year, and a guy with Crohn’s disease.
    They should be interested.

  22. Being a top 10 pick (because it changes the formula for the 5th year option) hurts this guy’s chance at a fifth year option being used.

    A team trading for him would get 1 year of him before having to pay him.

  23. He is terrible. He could possibly be a good guard, because he is strong, and he has a mean streak, but his technique and footwork are so poor, that I now don’t think he could kick in to Guard and be good.

    Good news is, this draft has some solid RT options, and Great Guard options. Get rid of Flowers, spend the 2nd and 3rd round picks (They have Two Third Rounders) on OL, and don’t look back.

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