Billy Price says he has full range of motion after partially torn pec

Getty Images

Center Billy Price‘s trip to the Scouting Combine was an unpleasant one as he partially tore his pectoral while doing the bench press in Indianapolis.

Price eventually needed to have surgery to repair the injury, which is the sort of thing that can have a negative impact on a player’s draft stock. Price, who also has experience at guard, was viewed as likely to go in the early rounds before the injury and he offered an update on his condition on Monday.

Price said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he feels he’s made excellent progress in his recovery and that he has regained full range of motion after the injury. He said his rehab work has progressed to the point that he’s benching a 10-pound dumbbell for the first time since Indianapolis.

The expectation has been that Price will be ready to take part in training camp and his update doesn’t call that into much question, so the end result for Price might not wind up being all that different than it would have been if he’d avoided the injury altogether.