Tom Telesco on possibility of drafting a QB: We always have an eye on the future

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Philip Rivers said last week he understands the Chargers will draft his future successor sooner or later. Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco didn’t rule out the team drafting a quarterback this year.

At the same time, Telesco gave Rivers a vote of confidence as the Chargers’ quarterback.

“The great thing right now is that we’re very happy with Philip,” Telesco said, via Hayley Elwood of the team website. “He’s our quarterback, hands down, rest assured, for this year and hopefully beyond. But we always have to have an eye on the future. That’s part of our job. There are a lot of other areas on our football team that we’d like to add to, too. That’s all part of it.

“I will say it’s a deep [quarterback] class, not only in the first round but some other rounds as well. We’ve seen it the last couple of years, the quarterback classes have been pretty good. Guys are coming into the league and playing a little bit quicker than they used to. But I have a hard time comparing.”

Rivers has started every game since 2006, and the Chargers have no reason to believe he won’t do the same again this season. But Rivers also is 36, so the Chargers will have to start thinking about the future at some point soon.