“Wavy” MRI at Combine forces Rasheem Green to show his knee is fine

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As the draft approaches, it’s important for all teams to have accurate information about all prospects. Toward that end, former USC defensive end Rasheem Green has provided accurate information about his health to all teams. Specifically, about his left knee.

Green suffered a torn ACL in the left knee during high school. He had reconstructive surgery, along with a subsequent a cleanup procedure performed by the USC team doctor.

At the Scouting Combine, an MRI performed on the left knee showed that the new ACL was “wavy.” During his visits to NFL teams (per a source with knowledge of the situation, Green visited the Patriots, Lions, Seahawks, Chargers, Rams), doctors concluded that both knees were equally stable. Dr. Ed Khalfayan, the Seahawks team physician, opted to perform a new MRI, because Dr. Khalfayan sensed that there was a problem with the MRI from the Scouting Combine. The new MRI performed in Seattle showed the knee to be intact.

Green thereafter visited Dr. Walter R. Lowe in Houston, who determined that the left knee was actually tighter than the uninjured knee. Dr. Lowe interpreted the Seattle MRI to show that the repaired ACL remains in place.

“Overall, he is stable and performing at a very high level on objective functional test,” Dr. Lowe writes in a letter that has been sent to all teams. “I have NOT graded him as high risk for the purpose of our pre-draft evaluations. Anyone with questions about his combine studies should view his new 3T MRI from Seattle done last week.”

Green had private workouts, according to the source, with the Saints, Texans, Patriots, and Bills.

In the letter sent to all teams, Green’s agents explain that he missed no games or practices at USC due to the knee, and that it essentially was a non-issue until the “wavy” MRI was generated at the Scouting Combine.

So what happened? Dr. Khalfayan thinks Green moved his knee while in the MRI machine.

Green is regarded as a likely second-round pick. He’s currently No. 5 on Mike Mayock’s list of top edge rushers.