Dolphins in the market to draft a kicker

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The Dolphins don’t have a kicker at the moment, so they’re, well, kicking the tires on some of the top college prospects.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi had dinner last night with Florida’s Eddy Pineiro, who some consider to be the top kicker available in the draft.

Pineiro, who grew up in Miami, hit 88.4 percent of his field goals in college and 96.6 percent of his extra points. There’s video evidence of him hitting an 81-yarder in practice, so he seems to have enough leg to be good on kickoffs as well.

The Dolphins let kicker Cody Parkey leave in free agency and he signed with the Bears, and the Dolphins don’t have another kicker on the roster at the moment, which is why Rizzi has been scouting all the college kickers this spring.

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  1. Just don’t pull a Tampa Bay. I get it but no one else will be looking at pulling that trigger early. He’ll still be there after the first round.

  2. IF you HAVE to draft a kicker,it would be a wise smoke screen to have ALREADY signed a couple of FA kickers roaming the street right now……it’s not like you can’t find any. Oh, and here’s some free advice Miami…don’t draft a kicker in the 2nd round.

  3. Draft one in the sixth, one in the seventh, and sign an undrafted one then let them battle it out. And before mocking my “using 2 picks on 2 kickers”, how often do the typical (not brady/t. davis) 6th or 7th rounders pan out? And how many games do kickers lose? Chargers would have been in the playoffs if they had a decent kicker last year…

    Kickers matter. Grab a couple, have a competition and who knows maybe one will be good enough to not lose you games

  4. Don’t hesitate!!!!
    Better grab one in the 1st round before all the good ones are gone!!!

  5. I just never understood the whole ‘Oh, its JUST a kicker!’ It seems even more recently, but even historically, what games get remembered the most? Vinatieri making kicks to win the Super Bowl, Gary Anderson, Scott Norwood, Billy Cundiff missing from 32 yards to lose in the playoffs, David Akers missing 2 FGs in the playoffs against the Packers when the Eagles lost by 5, Mike ‘Liquored Up Kicker’ Vanderjagt, Doug Brien, I could go on. A kicker is a VERY VALUABLE PLAYER and everyone just seems to think ‘meh, we’ll just get some FA guy instead of paying the reliable guy on the roster.’ Ask yourself this, do you think the Bills or the Vikings would trade $5M in cap space to have made those kicks? My guess is ‘We’d trade even more than that.’

  6. It must be a money thing. They got rid of Parkey (who was decent) and seemed to ignore Janikowski when he was available. I agree with the other posters that said kickers are important. I think they are not as important to a team with a high-powered offense but for a team that will likely be in some close games, a good kicker can be the difference between 6-10 and the playoffs. I’d guess that after a bad QB situation, a bad kicker(s) gets the HC fired more often than not.


    That link is for anyone who thinks you should draft a kicker; it’s a link to career FG% on PFR. Two or maybe three of the top 10 most-accurate kickers in NFL history were drafted, and all the rest were UDFAs. There is literally zero correlation between draft position and how good a kicker’s career is, and you have just as good of odds getting a quality guy with tryouts as you do wasting even a 7th round pick.

    Every other position (including punters), the higher you draft, the better odds you have of getting a better player. For whatever reason, that link just doesn’t exist for kickers. Justin Tucker has been the best kicker in the league for years, and he’s undrafted. Before that, Dan Bailey was the best kicker, and he’s undrafted.

    And, yes, I’m a Bucs fan, so, well, I have had plenty of opportunity to point out the whole “never ever ever draft a kicker” thing in recent years. For some reason.

  8. milkmandanimal….. you must be new to this site. its pure sarcasm and a jab at the Bucs. Come on man.
    Oh, I know, and you can never, ever, ever make fun of the Bucs enough for that pick. It’s more the guy up further who wishes the Vikings or Bills had Adam Vinatieri, who was, you know, undrafted, instead of Blair Walsh, who was, you know, actually drafted. Besides, the Vikings already have a good kicker in Kai Forbath, who’s the 8th most-accurate kicker in NFL history and, not shockingly, was undrafted.

    Kickers are very, very important, but drafting them is always a waste, just because your odds of getting a good one with a pick are pretty much the same as just doing tryouts. It might be illogical, but it’s how the NFL works. Spend that late-round pick on some other position and the guy might develop, and just throw open your tryouts for kickers. It’s just how the NFL works.

  9. They should have kept Cody Parker. He’s a solid kicker. Now they want to go with a rookie? Caleb Srugis deja-vu.

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