Former Steelers tight end Bennie Cunningham dies at 63

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Two-time Super Bowl champion tight end Bennie Cunningham died of cancer Monday at the age of 63, according to the Associated Press.

Cunningham played 10 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and won two rings with the team in Super Bowls XIII and XIV over the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams.

Cunningham appeared in 118 games in his career and caught 202 passes for 2,879 yards and 20 touchdowns. He also had 19 catches for 219 yards and two touchdowns in the playoffs, including a touchdown in the 1979 AFC Championship game.

Cunningham retired in 1985 and was named to the Steelers’ 75th Anniversary team in 2007.

6 responses to “Former Steelers tight end Bennie Cunningham dies at 63

  1. Im old enough to have seen him play, which makes me pretty old. Like most teams back in the day, Steelers used their TEs as extra offensive linemen rather than pass targets. That didn’t change until Eric green came in, then Heath Miller after him. I think Bennie had the size, strength and skills to be a much bigger part of a teams offense in today’s game. Rest in peace big guy, you made Pittsburgh and their fans proud of you.

    Go Steelers!

  2. I recall when I accurately predicted Bennie Cunningham as the Steelers #1 pick to my buddies way back when. Hard to believe it was that long ago?!
    A good player who contributed mightily to some great Steeler teams. Another commenter was right that he would have likely had many more receptions had he been played today. RIP Bennie Cunningham…

  3. Wow – I too am old enough to remember this guy. A decent player. Sorry to hear this news.

  4. I remember Cunningham making some very timely, big catches and wondering why they didn’t throw to him more often. Thanks for the memories.

    Now I have a question about another memory. A Steeler caught a pass, had a clear path to the end zone, started to celebrate by pumping the ball above his head, and lost it before he entered the end zone. I remember the play clearly but have no hope of remembering who the player was.

    I’m thinking it was a tight end and may have been Cunningham, but since no one has mentioned it in any of the articles I have read I am guessing I am wrong. Was it Eric Green?

    Help me out folks. I don’t want to spend all day trying to hunt down ancient video just to see who it was!!!

  5. BC was a great contributor to the Steelers first 4 rings.

    I will now wait for Pat’s fanboys to post that Gronk is a better TE.

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