Report: Odell Beckham at minicamp, won’t practice

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham was in attendance for the first day of the Giants’ offseason program a couple of weeks ago and head coach Pat Shurmur called that an encouraging development at the time.

It doesn’t look like Shurmur will have reason to be discouraged by the attendance at this week’s voluntary minicamp. Dianna Russini of ESPN reports that Beckham is in attendance for Tuesday’s start to the three-day minicamp the Giants get to hold because they hired a new head coach this offseason.

Beckham is expected to go through the walkthrough portion of Tuesday’s practice, but not the practice itself as he is still rehabbing from last year’s season-ending ankle injury.

While the lack of a contract extension creates some uncertainty about Beckham’s long-term outlook with the team, chatter about a possible trade that would take him off of this year’s roster has quieted down significantly over the last month. His appearances at voluntary workouts has played a role in that and continued attendance this offseason would likely keep things quiet on that front.

12 responses to “Report: Odell Beckham at minicamp, won’t practice

  1. The guy can be a little attention-grabbing, but you have to give him credit – he loves to work and shows up to play. The diva card does not apply here. Here’s hoping the Giants get wise and reward him with a monster contract.

  2. Oh, look, we’re two days out from the draft, and all the baseless filler that those of us with inside ties TOLD YOU was false is now admitted to BE false.

    Hilarious how people fall for this every offseason.

  3. If the Giants are smart they will unload this stooge the first chance they get. Ship him to the Jets….he won’t even need to move

  4. Hopefully Dez will be on the sidelines filming the walkthrough and post it to social media. He doesn’t have anything else to do.

  5. In spite of the talent he simply isn’t worth all of the drama and embarrassment(dog peeing) Every other TD must now be followed by a 15 yd. unsportsmanlike? The Giants have all of the leverage and he has none. Force him to play out his rookie deal this year. If he holds out so be it. Let him rant and rave on social media while Mara, Gettleman, and Shurmer simply refuse to comment on a player not in camp. Then try and trade him to some team desperate enough to give up picks and enable him like the Giants have for 4 yrs.

  6. nhpats says:
    April 24, 2018 at 10:53 am
    If the Giants are smart they will unload this stooge the first chance they get. Ship him to the Jets….he won’t even need to move

    Since the current Giants regime IS smart, they’re not listening to what you have to say.

    See how easily that works?

  7. Dez Bryant was disruptive to whom? People in the locker room will tell you he was a great teammate. The notion that he was disruptive has been refuted too many times to count. OBJ is a similar case. His teammates don’t view him as a disruption, so outside opinions are rather frivolous

  8. Of course he was there. Would not expect him to to be. That’s where the kicking net lives.

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