Sam Darnold understands the focus on his college turnovers

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Sam Darnold is regarded as the safer choice by the Browns at No. 1. Even if he’s not always safe with the football.

Darnold threw 22 interceptions and fumbled the ball 21 times in 27 starts at USC. As a result, he’s hearing a lot about his propensity to not protect the ball in the run-up to the draft.

“There’s obviously a lot of talk about turnovers, which I get,” Darnold said during a recent visit to PFT Live. “The tape doesn’t lie. I’ve heard that a million times. It’s fair. It’s really fair. Turning the ball over is something you don’t want to do as a quarterback. I think the number one job as a quarterback is protecting the football. I’ve been working on it, but at the same time there’s so many plays where I take my left hand off the ball and I make a first down or I throw a touchdown. There’s a lot of give and take when it comes to me turning the ball over. But, yeah, it’s something that I can’t do. It’s something that I’ve really been working on.”

His next team, whoever it may be, will surely be working on him, too — and the team that drafts him undoubtedly will be convinced it’s an issue that can be managed and corrected.

The full interview from Darnold, which begins and ends with a Darnold/Chris Simms duet, is attached to this entry.

8 responses to “Sam Darnold understands the focus on his college turnovers

  1. Deshone Kizer threw what, 22 INTs? A huge chunk of those in the Red Zone where the Browns lost games by 7 or fewer points or they resulted in a 14 point swing. Imagine if they had a QB that didn’t do that. The might’ve won 5 games just by not having turnovers.

  2. Nobody threw more interceptions than Brett Favre and he’s in the Hall of Fame, so I think that is overblown sometimes.

  3. That’s an average of nearly two turnovers per game…that equals to losing seasons in the NFL.

  4. -10 for mentioning an ex-NFL player with a tattoo of another man’s initials.

  5. Turnovers are worse than completion percentage. A turnover prone QB shows me someone who is unable to read a defense or make wise decisions when under pressure. Darnold’s turnovers are worse than Allen’s paltry completion percentage.

  6. Sam Darnold’s commentary about not paying attention to all the mock drafts, lest he drive himself crazy, and his honest assessment of his turnover issue, and how he’s working on it diligently, show him to be a young man with good sense. I would think a lot of teams would make a positive note of it?

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