Titans G.M. says most draft rumors are “wildly untrue”

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So wait, does this mean teams aren’t going to take the best available player and explore every option? Now I don’t know what to believe.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson pulled back the curtain on his profession during his pre-draft press conference, saying most of the rumors you hear this week leading up to the draft could lift a balloon.

“I’d say [they’re] mostly wildly untrue,” Robinson said, via Jason Wolf of the Tennesseean. “You just try to sort through it and you try to connect as many dots as possible, knowing once the commissioner puts the teams on the clock and the draft gets going, all bets are kind of off.”

Hearing this has shaken my foundation of trust in people’s inherent good nature, and is enough to make you wonder if anything is true at all.

Either that, or the draft rumors are reacting as a gas does, which is to fill the space available. With most boards set over a week ago, there’s little left for teams to do but wait and lie, and it seems that’s what many of them are doing.

5 responses to “Titans G.M. says most draft rumors are “wildly untrue”

  1. Was he talking about things the teams say or what the media says? I think he was referring to things the media throws out there. Not that teams don’t lie, I just don’t think that’s what he was referring to.

  2. The lead up to the draft is like the campaign before an election: Every word you hear should be automatically assumed to be a lie. The more polished the liar, the better the lie sounds to the populace.

  3. You think they’d go big and try to fool everyone else into thinking the draft had been moved back a week or to a different city or something. That would be effective.

  4. Would he include what he just said? Which would make most comments to be true? Instead of untrue? But if most comments ARE true, that means what he said could also be true, which is that most comments are untrue?

    I just made my ears bleed.

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