Aaron Rodgers tells Josh Rosen to “practice uncomfortable situations”


As former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen prepares for the NFL, former Cal quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been advising the rookie.

“Just how to carry yourself,” Rosen told PFT Live regarding the advice he has gotten from Rodgers. “How to be the best version of yourself for your teammates, for coaches, for executives. He’s been a really big help . . . on how to approach the NFL. I mean it’s professional ball. . . . I don’t think you’re ever ready for it but you can be as ready as you possibly can be.

For a football standpoint, Rodgers has given Rosen one specific piece if advice: “Practice uncomfortable situations.”

“He’s big on in-practice creating havoc in situations where there isn’t necessarily any to be there,” Rosen said. “Take it to the next step. Mess with yourself. Throw off platform. Make it game-like. Make everything game-like and treat every rep as if you are on the final drive [in] the Super Bowl.”

It’s useful advice from Rodgers, and the fact that Rosen has that pipeline to one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history can’t hurt Rosen’s transition to life in the NFL.