Eli Manning: “Thirty-seven is not old”

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Several times already, new Giants coach Pat Shurmur has noted Eli Manning‘s age. In quarterback years, 37 might seem old to some, but not to Manning.

Thirty-seven is not old,” Manning said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “I think 37 is young, so it’s all perspective.”

The Giants named Manning the starter for 2018, but how much longer does he have?

The Giants own the second overall pick and have to start thinking about the future at some point. With three of the top four quarterbacks still on the board when they draft, the Giants might find now is as good a time as any.

Manning previously has said he has not talked to the team about his future, and he reiterated Wednesday his understanding that it’s a year-to-year business.

“Obviously I have to prove that and do that every day and get on the field and make sure I’m making the right decisions, protecting the ball, making good throws and learning this offense quickly,” Manning said. “I think we’re off to a good start.”

Shurmur got to work with Manning for the first time Tuesday. He called Manning the fittest 37 year old he has seen, a backhanded compliment the quarterback reluctantly accepted.

“This guy’s a pro,” Shurmur said. “What you noticed about him is you only have to run a play or two, and he gets the drill calibrated and he gets his feet right and he makes the throw. I quickly, after being with him one day on the field, see why he’s been so successful for so long. He’s a pro.”

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  1. Brady and Brees didn’t fade, but many do. There’s no right answer for when quarterbacks lose it (well, Max Kellerman thinks differently).

  2. I’ve been wondering what Eli Manning is playing for. I get that it’s his choice when to retire, but he has the money, he has the legacy, he has the franchise records (and wont get the NFL records regardless)… what is he left playing for? He’s a hall of famer.

    His team isn’t good enough to win the Super Bowl in the next year or two. What is he playing for?

  3. The Giants DONT get to pick this HIGH Very Often…. Better GRAB a Future QB While Possible.
    If not… then what? You have a 37 year old qb and no one to groom (follow Packers ala Brett Fave and Rogers).
    IMO! bro.

  4. The guy has never had a serious injury (other than maybe getting slammed on his shoulder in game 2 of the 2007 season…still missed no time). Compared to the majority of guys in the NFL older than 33 or so, he probably is quite young for his physical age.

  5. My mom is 37. And trust me…she’s OLD. She listens to the WORST music like White Zombie and Paula Cole and gets all her clothes from some lame online store called Hot Topic.

    Youre a fossil, Eli.

  6. Just for reference…
    Quarterbacks that play well in their 40’s are concidered freaks of nature.(Farve/Brady)

    You sir at 37 are ordinary. Good luck to yea though.

  7. In football years, he’s “Old Man River”. Think about it…kids that were born the year he was when he was drafted are in high school now.

  8. The Giants are a joke! Five months ago they charted a course to replace Manning and rebuild the franchise because of the incompetence of Reese and Mara in allowing the team to decline without Coughlin’s direction. Now they’ve done a 180 degree turn and are supporting Manning as the future of the team and declaring the Giants as a Super Bowl contender? So much for a stable organization. The Giants are vying for the title of the worst managed team in the NFL. They need a consistent direction – and only ownership can give that. Rebuilding in December and competing for a Super Bowl in April is a ridiculous change of course for a franchise renowned for its stability. Another one of Mara’s idiotic ideas.

  9. Yeah seems everybody got this one right since 37 really is old for Eli, sorry Eli you looked old two years ago. You could say ” Your a good ole boy”!

  10. 37 is not old for any player in football. I mean, Labron is 33 years old AND NFL players don’t require a 10th of the minute by minute EFFORT that a basketball player needs non stop!!! They even play both sides of the ball-offense and defense. In football, they get lots of moments for rest. I don’t even understand why they push these guys out the league on account of their age. Heck, I could do flips at age 37 with no problem!!! Eli is right. But he needs to get his act together.

  11. Why waste a top pick on an unknown when you can spend a 3rd rounder on Luke Falk and have just as good a shot at him being the future franchise guy. Just grab Saquon Barkley and feed him the ball 25 times a game. Eli is still good enough to get it done when he has a supporting cast around him.

    via geno smith and the giants organization
    giants wasted a pick on him when he shoudl have went too CLE or some other team that will give him reps
    if u follow him on IG dude stayed in NYC NJ area the whole offseason too get better and etc and if they pick a QB he’s a damn 3rd stringer its a shame

  13. Severely disappointed at the lack of Monty Python reference!

    Thank you to the commenters who picked up on it…

  14. I can’t just call you Man.

    You could say Dennis.

    I didn’t know you were called Dennis.

    You didn’t bother to find out, did you?

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