Jerry Jones, Roger Goodell seem to have mended fences


Neither Jerry Jones nor Roger Goodell talked to the media after a joint appearance for the NFL Draft Legacy Project. But the Cowboys owner and the NFL Commissioner seem to have moved on from Jones’ attempts to block Goodell’s contract extension after Ezekiel Elliott‘s suspension.

The two sat side by side, whispered during the event and were magnanimous in their public comments about each other Wednesday.

“Without the Cowboys, we wouldn’t be here,” Goodell said. “. . . We’re here because of [Jones’] leadership, because of his drive and because of his commitment to this community as well as making everything bigger and better. He does that, and every time we give him an event, he finds a way to make it bigger and better. He’s been an extraordinary leader for us.”

Jones threw the bouquet back to Goodell when his turn came at the microphone.

“Our commissioner, Roger Goodell, when he was a young guy, he started off in the mail room with the NFL,” Jones said, “and became its leading person in being the commissioner of the NFL as a relatively young man. What he was always about was growing the pie, a bigger picture. He always had real imaginative ideas about where we could go, and you could imagine that was like honey in attracting this little bee to become involved with him in that. So I have always appreciated so much the idea of what we’re doing.”

The NFL needs Goodell and Jones, arguably its two most powerful figures, to get along for the common good. Maybe neither man ever will forget nor completely trust the other, but they are putting on a good public face, as they should.