Mickey Loomis: Draft approach the same as last year

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At this point last year the Saints were coming off of three straight 7-9 seasons that had some thinking it would be time to shake up the organization if things remained the same in 2017.

Things didn’t remain the same. The Saints went 11-5, won the NFC South and won a playoff game for the first time since 2012 thanks in part to a draft class that featured the offensive and defensive rookies of the year. That puts the Saints in different circumstances than they were in a year ago, but General Manager Mickey Loomis said Wednesday that the approach to the draft will remain more or less the same.

“I wouldn’t say that that’s a big variable at all,” Loomis said. “Maybe something small, but I would not say that. I think our approach is the same. We’re looking for players that we have a vision for that can help us both in the short-term and the long-term. We look for the best players we can get for the Saints and I wouldn’t say that’s a big consideration. Look, the impact is that we’re picking later. But I wouldn’t say anything else is different.”

The approach is the same, but Loomis points out the “opportunity is different” after having five picks in the first three rounds last year. They have two of the first 91 picks this time around, so they’ll be shooting for the same quality with lesser quantity.

7 responses to “Mickey Loomis: Draft approach the same as last year

  1. Saints’ 2017 draft class was unbelievable. In all of the 2017 mock re-drafts I’ve seen, FOUR of their picks were retaken in the first round! Any team in the league would be thrilled to hit on 4 first round picks in a four year span. The Saints hit on 4 first rounders in one year! As bad as that Ricky Williams trade was for the Saints, 2017 was as good. Incredible.

  2. It better remain the same… Saints had arguably one of the best drafts in NFL history in 2017 why change anything

  3. Forget Micky Loomis. Gayle Benson, I would like to be your date for the draft and be your next hubby

  4. winningisabrees says:
    April 25, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    Two Words…. Jeff Ireland
    The fans in Miami picketed the team facility to have Jeff Ireland fired when he was the talent guy for the Dolphins. They also used complain about Rick Spielman also when he was there, but he seems to be decent for the Vikings.

  5. Credit to the Saints for taking advantage of opportunity, but let’s not make this out to be so much as about skill as it was good fortune. They made their own luck with Kamara, but Lattimore was a slam dunk top 10 first round prospect who fell because some stupid teams reached for offensive players instead of taking advantage of a loaded defensive draft. The Saints have already admitted that they would have taken Mahomes instead had Lattimore been off the board and Mahomes on it…meaning that team would have been grooming its first round pick on the bench rather than add an instant high-end starter on defense. If the same process could have come so close to delayed gratification (if any at all) instead of what happened, you can’t get too nuts about that process.

  6. If you believe that the Saints had Lattimore rated higher than Mahomes, and still would have taken him if the Chiefs had not taken the Mr. Mahomes, then you must still believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and that the Patriots never cheated

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