Mike Maccagnan expects to expand Jets’ use of analytics

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After the unabashedly pro-analytics Eagles won the Super Bowl, other teams are talking up the usefulness of statistical analysis. One of those teams may be taking a look at analytics in determining which quarterback prospect in this year’s draft is the best.

Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan said the Jets are already using analytics and expect do do more

“Analytics, I think, is something that every team has used. We’re no different,” Maccagnan said, via ESPN. “We’ve done quite a bit. We’ve used it both on the pro and the college side. As this expands a little bit, there may be other ways, whether it’s coaching or scouting, to make ourselves more efficient or more effective at what we do. We’re like every other team out there. We have an analytics staff and department, and I would think, as things move forward, we’d probably expand and grow that.”

If the Jets are relying on analytics to help them determine a quarterback to select with the third overall pick tomorrow night, Baker Mayfield is the outlier whose stats are outstanding, while Josh Allen is the outlier in the other direction, whose stats stink. We don’t know if the Jets are going to end up with Mayfield tomorrow night, but if they do, it’s safe to say the analytics department will approve.