Patriots interest in Lamar Jackson appears to be genuine


At this point, it seems well-established that the Patriots are in the market for a quarterback, and may have a particular interest in Louisville’s Lamar Jackson.

But as we get closer to the draft, there are more signs that they did a deep dive on the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Jackson told reporters in Dallas he had a private workout with the Patriots in addition to their “quiet” visit with him at the team facility.

Offensive coordinator (and likely coach of their next quarterback at some point) Josh McDaniels worked out Jackson in South Florida before he visited the facility.

The Patriots have enough picks (23rd, 31st, 43rd, 63rd) to make a move if need be, but they also have other needs to fill this weekend.

Belichick and McDaniels haven’t necessarily worked with a quarterback like Jackson, but former Patriots assistant Bill O’Brien hadn’t necessarily worked with a guy like Deshaun Watson until last season, and that seemed to work out OK.

Of course, none of that means Jackson’s going to end up in New England, but it’s clear that they’re interested in him or want everyone to really believe they are.

27 responses to “Patriots interest in Lamar Jackson appears to be genuine

  1. Patriots don’t like players talking about their workouts. Quickest way for them to become uninterested…

  2. Maybe Jackson wants NE and that’s why he’s kept such a low profile?

    But I was told this morning that as a Patriots fan I’m not allowed to have off season optimism. I guess it’s become a joke if a Pats fan has off season optimism. Silly me I thought that just made me a normal human being. So I guess that I hope we get nothing and like it.

  3. Checking to see the depth of his resistance to switching to wide receiver. Patriots have reshaped QB’s into WR’s before.

  4. Watson worked out? Knee operation as a rookie and I keep hearing how some teams made a mistake by passing on him.

    Let’s let history takes its course. I hope he has a healthy career but it remains to be seen.

  5. corkspop says:
    April 25, 2018 at 1:37 pm
    Patriots have reshaped QB’s into WR’s before.
    Lol. Edelman was an undersized marginal QB who they picked up in the 7th rd for his special teams and trick-play ability, who then grew into Welker’s slot. No one’s gonna take a top QB pick and turn him into a WR when they can pick a top WR instead.

  6. I’m not sure I buy it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Patriots value good Wonderlic scores? Jackson does not fit that mold….especially for a quarterback.

  7. They want him to be there when they’re going to pick, so another team gets antsy and trades up. Gotta make the interest in him look real to get those extra picks.

  8. This is a gigantic smokescreen. The Patriots have no plans to draft a QB round 1. They are blowing smoke about Rosen and Jackson in hopes scaring Buffalo or Miami into reaching for a QB with their picks.

  9. Or, they’re trying to see what he’s made of in case Buffalo or Miami drafts him?

  10. he’s probably just as good as the others in the top 5 and would be the best value—Pats will draft him only if he falls to them because they have other qb’s that will go later in the draft that they like also

  11. I think (yeah, yeah, I know it ain’t worth much) the best QB available is hardly talked about at all.

    And I think the Pats are going to get him.

    Kyle Lauletta

  12. I hope they go for OT Kolton Miller at #23, gotta sure up the O-line first. If Jackson falls past 23, I wouldn’t mind if Pats package the #31 to move up to get him in the mid-20’s. But there are some other decent QB prospects that will be around later (ie Luke Falk) that they have been linked to.

  13. tb12greatest says:
    April 25, 2018 at 2:02 pm
    terripet says:
    April 25, 2018 at 1:56 pm
    Hope the cheaters draft him


    We can all hope things, like the Colts having a winning record or something like that. Doesn’t mean it’s likely.

    Who needs a quarterback more? I think you know the real answer.

  14. If the Pat’s draft Jackson that means they’re going to go from a smart and accurate passer to a not so smart one with a big arm not known for accuracy. That way all the other teams will be so confused that the Pat’s could win alot more Super Bowls.

  15. If Baker Mayfield ends up in the division, the Patriots will draft Jackson. Brady was in a dog fight against Deshaun Watson and will likely lose against Baker Mayfield. Jackson could be the difference maker for the Patriots.

  16. bill belichick has worked with every type of qb. nothing is new to him and guessing what he will do is futile. he is too many steps ahead of the feeble sports-writing brain.

  17. After this year plays out, Brady will be extended another 2-3 years……
    I really don’t see them drafting a QB this year…..unless they have a specific guy on their radar & he falls to them in round 2 or 3……

  18. On any given day BB is at least 2 steps ahead of all the GMs, 3 steps ahead of the press and 4 ahead of all the denizens of the peanut gallery like moi, even tho I have my own reserved seat.

    And that’s just fine.

  19. There was 1 QB in last year’s rookie class that’s going to be good, maybe great – Watson. I haven’t seen anything special in this year’s class. If Houston gives him a team to work with they’ll win some games and maybe a title or two. If not they’ll lose him.

  20. i’d say. b.b. is 4 steps ahead of the peanut gallery and 5 ahead of the sports media. based on the headlines posted here they make a point to be as outrageously wrong as possible by fabricating “storylines” completely out of the imagination.

  21. I think Mike Mayock was onto something with his mock draft. If Brady is serious about playing until he’s at least 45, and he can do it, the best way to do that is to keep him upright and off the ground, and minimize the bumps and bruises. If they protect him, they won’t need another quarterback for a while. O-line and defense is the way to go. They have enough skill-position players to score plenty of points. Brady has shown throughout his career he could score points with players nobody thought could play. Of course if a unforeseen windfall lands in their lap, wunna funna gunna do?

    Hey Gantt, what we really want to know is what quarterback the Steelers are coveting since Been is always on the verge of retiring. Let’s hear about that! Or are you hiding that?

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