Report: Browns have cooled on Sam Darnold

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We’re a little more than 24 hours away from finding out who will be the first overall pick of the NFL draft and a report from Cleveland indicates that the Browns are looking at quarterbacks other than Sam Darnold.

Darnold has been a popular prediction to be the first player off the board on Thursday night even before the Browns were set for the No. 1 spot in the order, but Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the Browns “have cooled” on the former USC starter in recent days. Per Cabot, the sense is that the choice is “narrowing” to Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen.

It’s not the first time that we’ve heard talk about either of those quarterbacks going first overall, although any talk at this point in the process has to be looked at with the thought of drumming up interest in a trade with a team that’s targeted either player for their own offense. If that’s the case, it apparently hasn’t worked thus far.

Browns General Manager John Dorsey told Steve Wyche of NFL Media that the team has yet to field any “legit trade offers” at this point. There’s time for that to change and the identity of the top pick may remain shrouded until things get going on Thursday night.

90 responses to “Report: Browns have cooled on Sam Darnold

  1. Don’t the idiot Browns want to tell everyone what they’re doing with the 1st pick in the hopes the Giants and jets do the same so Cleveland will know what they’re doing at 4? If cleveland didn’t have the 4th pick I can understand the secrecy but they have the 4th pick. I would think they could better prepare what’s going to happen at 4 if they knew what happens at 2 and 3.

  2. I couldn’t be happier to hear it. GET MAYFIELD! Downvote all you want. The guy is a winner and a leader. Go ahead and say he is Johnny Manziel 2.0 because for those who say that have to mind of their own. GO BROWNS!

  3. If this isn’t a smokescreen and they really have been bouncing back and forth between all these qbs then why would you not just take Barkley first and wait for whoever falls at 4.

  4. Don’t be fooled, they’re just trying to see what they can get for their first round pick as any team would do. Bet the house “Sam Darnold” to the Cleveland Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….not a bad choice at all1

  5. so in other words, Darnold is about to have a very fine NFL career elsewhere while the Browns are zeroing on their next franchise crippling bust

  6. We are all familiar with the knock on USC QBs in the NFL, but has anyone postulated a legitimate reason explaining why/how they underperform? Could it just be a remarkable stromg of cooincidences? Also, imagine for a moment that Carson Palmer hadn’t kept getting injured in Arizona; does he shake that jinx perception with a couple more playoff wins and maybe a Super Bowl appearance?

  7. lol

    So, you had interest 24 hours ago, only to “cool” on him 24 hours before the draft.

    This is fake news.

    And, no one cares, what QB you pick either.

  8. Ravens fan here. But if I was a Browns fan I am starting to like the idea that the Browns take Barkley at #1 and take whichever QB is there at #4. If the Browns are truly convinced that none of these QBs is significantly better than the others then I think this approach is a no brainer. Get the best RB in the draft, along with one of the three top QB’s in the draft. Makes sense!!

  9. If thats the case then they better take Barkley with the 1st pick. One of Mayfield or Allen will be there at 4

  10. So since the end of the season, the Browns have favored in order: Josh Rosen, Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and most recently Baker Mayfield. And they allegedly haven’t decided a day before the draft.

    Sounds legit.

  11. Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield are the two QBs with the biggest bust potentian. Rosen and Darnold are the natural passers.

    If Josh Allen is developed correctly he can be awesome.

    I doubt that Baker Mayfield will be successful on the next level. Lincoln Riley has one of the best offensive minds in football and Mayfield’s receivers were wide open.

    If you want to see how Baker Mayfield will perform on the next level just look at the 2016 Ohio State VS Oklahoma game when he was up against a veteran secondary. Conley, Lattimore, Hooker and company made him look average, Where was that great accuracy in that game? He didn’t have a pro arm so those future first round Buckeyes CBs were making up ground and picking the ball off. Mayfield through a pick 6 in that game because he couldn’t throw over the D line and the pass got swatted and returned for a TD.

    The 2016 Oklahoma VS Buckeyes game… PERFECT SAMPLE SIZE to see how Mayfield will do on the next level.

  12. Makes sense. Darnold was at the combine, didn’t do anything, and was talking about how he wanted to go get dirty.

    So perhaps that wasn’t an isolated incident. Maybe their background check threw up some red party flags.

    Maybe, just maybe the Browns are going… we’ve seen this song and dance before.

    Or maybe it’s just smoke.

  13. I speculate that this rotating interest in QB selection from “sources” in Cleveland is false hype simply to create a market for trading out of the spot because none of the QB’s are a slam dunk.

  14. I honestly think they are scared to make a mistake. They’d feel better sitting at 3 than at 1 and 4 because some other teams could make their decisions easier. If they honestly can’t decide between Mayfield and Allen, and if Darnold was their choice as of last week, they might as well go Barkley at 1 and let the other teams decide if they get Darnold, Allen or Mayfield at 4.

  15. Just give me the list on Friday morning. It takes 10 minutes to read through the picks and assess them.

    Better yet, just give me the list on Sunday.

  16. Good lord. How can anyone report this non-sense let alone believe it has any truth whatsoever. if the Browns are down playing their plan to take Darnold then one can theorize that they are trying to get someone to trade up to No. 2 to grab him so the Giants aren’t there to take Barkley. That would be the genius move here. The look on the the teams face when Darnold is announced No. 1 would be priceless.

  17. Take Barkley #1. Guarantees Mayfield, Darnold, or Allen will be there at 4, and you’ll have a franchise RB. Too much pressure for Cleveland to take a QB #1, and watch the 2nd, 3rd, 4th guy off the board perform better in the future. Honestly not much separates 1 thru 4 at QB.

  18. Down to Allen and Mayfield? The two biggest risk picks in the top 5 and Browns are willingly going to jump on either powder keg? I’ll wait until Thursday but this is some disconcerting news.

  19. Smoke Screen !!!
    There should be no reason as they have pick #1, but maybe John Dorsey has a wild card up his sleeve ? There has to be a reason for news like this hitting the wire. Trade #1 ????
    If the price is right and you can stay in the top 5 picks,…. why not ?
    There’s no guarantees in the draft. And this was not a stellar year for QB’s.

  20. The SMART pick at #1 would be Shaquon Barkley. Let the rest of the league sell their souls and fight over the next 2 QBs and then pick a QB from the remaining two with the 4th pick.
    Have a smoke and a pancake and see you in Round 2 with Picks #33, #35 & #60.

  21. as browns fan id take my chances on BARKLEY,ALLEN AND OR LAMAR JACKSON “similar playing style as tyrod” both all and jackson need coaching and too sit 1-2 season or etc

  22. I”m not buying any of this. Just a lot of talk trying to force a team beneath them to give them a boat load of picks to trade up. Browns don’t care which QB they get because they don’t know the right QB to get. If they did, they wouldn’t be trying to force someone to trade up.

  23. These TV analyst crack me up,they are already putting Saquan Barkley in a gold jacket, and he hasn’t even played a down in the NFL!

  24. Lets the other teams know that #1 is for sale. Browns can load-up on #1 & #2 picks for the next 3 seasons and still get a great player at #4 & ?? in ’18. Let the fleecing begin…

  25. The NFL draft is like that poison scene in The Princess Bride. Teams talk themselves into and out of picks endlessly, with the logic getting more strained every time. We’ll eventually learn Darnold’s critical flaw was leaving his shoestrings a quarter inch too long.

  26. I have it from an anonymous source close to the organization that the Browns are gonna take a Punter.

  27. For Cleveland to select anyone other than Saquon Barkley at No. 1 would be wholly foolhardy lol

    Will Belicheat (Bill Belichick) “Shock The World” and trade up to get Barkley?

    Watch what happens!

  28. I’d go Chubb and whatever QB at 4.

    Staying away from Barkley (too often pedestrian in college against defensive players that are now selling cars) and Mayfield (ave QBs look great in that Oklahoma system – Bradford did too) but when he has to play NFL defenses and talent, like he did against OSU, he comes back to average and not a top 10 pick)

  29. If they really are in on Allen, then they’d be fools to draft him #1; he will be available at #4. Go ahead and draft Chubb #1 and then Allen (or possibly even Mayfield) at 4.

  30. I am having fun reading all the anti Browns post. All teams have up and down seasons. Yes the Browns have made some terrible draft picks in since 99. This has caused a long drought. It is all about to come to an end. This is the year the Browns start the long climb back to the top. Mark my word. Laugh all you want. The Browns may not win the AFCN this year, but the winning will start this year.

  31. The Browns are undecided because they’re having trouble finding the homeless guy. They’ve checked all the shelters with no luck so far.

  32. And tomorrow they’ll be “warm” on his again. At this point, every team knows how they feel about players. This last minute talk is just rumors, smoke screen or heresay. Draft boards have been done for a couple weeks now.

  33. arclight1972 says:

    April 25, 2018 at 11:06 am

    It would be so cool if the Browns traded down, and missed out on a franchise QB, just like every year.
    Trading down isn’t wise when you have the opportunity to pick a franchise QB and DE.

    This is who the Browns essentially got in the Carson Wentz trade. They used some picks they got from that trade with the Eagles to acquire more picks(including the trade with Houston so the Texans can draft D Watson.)

    Corey Coleman Wr
    Shon Coleman OT
    Cody Kessler QB
    Richard Louis Wr
    Derrick Kinder FS
    Jordan Payton WR
    Spencer Drango OG
    Jabril Peppers S
    DeShon Kizer QB
    2018 #4 overall pick & #64 pick.

    Carson Wentz has more value than all these assets especially if Mayfield or Allen’s the number one pick. Now if it’s Darnold/Rosen & Barkley/Chubb… That’s a different story.

    You don’t trade down unless you’re a master talent evaluate like Bill Walsh or Jimmy Johnson, but even they wouldnt trade down and pass up a chance to pick a franchise QB or DE.

  34. This is not that difficult…The SMART move is to take Barkley with the #1. Let the rest of the league sell their souls and fight over the first two QB’s and then pick from the remaining three with pick #4. Take a break & then solidify in the 2nd Round with picks #33, #35, & #60.

  35. I hope they pick Allen, 2- Giants take Barkley, 3 – Jets take Mayfield, 4 – Browns take Chubb, 5 – Denver takes Darnold.

    That would be a great scenario for Denver 🙂

  36. I wish they would not release any reports. I find the draft more entertaining when I have no idea on what is going to happen. when the Bears traded up for Trubisky last year, it was exciting, for me, because I had no idea they were going to draft him.

  37. What is most appealing about Darnold is that he doesn’t have any glaring flaws. To the same note, he does not necessarily have any stand out blow you away skills. I may be wrong, but I don’t see Darnold being anything more than mediocre in the NFL.

    I’d rather take a chance on Allen, Rosen, Jackson or even Rudolph.

    Mayfield will be a bust.

  38. The frustrating thing about this is that the Browns have passed on much better QB prospects the last few drafts. I’m not particularly excited about any of them – maybe Mayfield, maybe Jackson. Darnold, Rosen & Allen all just give me the “future NFL backup” vibe to me.

    Which are the odds, really. Look at how many QBs are taken every year in the draft and how few of them pan out, even as backups.

  39. briang123 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 11:47 am
    I’d roll the dice on Mayfield.
    Maybe – but not at #1. Take Barkley. Baker will be there at #4

  40. Take Barkley and Chubb at #1 and #4, then use all those picks to trade back up and get Lamar Jackson. He and Taylor are similar enough to run the same offense now and in the future. Rosen is good but the concussions scare me. The rest remind me of 2011’s first round reaches….Mayfield is Christian Ponder, Allen is Jake Locker and Darnold is Blaine Gabbert. Ugh.

  41. teal379 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 11:43 am
    I’d go Chubb and whatever QB at 4.

    Staying away from Barkley (too often pedestrian in college against defensive players that are now selling cars) and Mayfield (ave QBs look great in that Oklahoma system – Bradford did too) but when he has to play NFL defenses and talent, like he did against OSU, he comes back to average and not a top 10 pick)
    Buckeye fan here…..he threw for 386 yards and 3 TD’s against OSU….a defense that puts multiple 1st round picks in the NFL every year……unless you’re meant the other OSU (Oklahoma State)…..he threw for 598 yards and 5 TD’s that day. I’m not saying he’s Johnny Unitas or even Johnny Utah, but that’s a pretty good version of “average”.

  42. For Cleveland to select anyone other than Saquon Barkley at No. 1 would be wholly foolhardy lol
    History says it is a bad idea to take running backs that high. Most are no longer effective past age 30. Barkley was essentially a part time player in college where he averaged 20 carries or less. Barkley also had 8 games last season where he rushed for less than 100 yards(with 7 under 80 yards).

  43. seabrawk12 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    What is most appealing about Darnold is that he doesn’t have any glaring flaws.
    Darnold was a turnover machine last season in college. Any other year, Darnold would be getting ripped for it but teams seem so desperate for QBs this year, it’s being brushed off to youth.

  44. A couple of folks know it will be non-qb at one, probably Chubb. Then, a backup qb at 4. They already have their starter, or don’t you follow the Browns. This Steeler fan is all on board with the revitalized Browns. Careful, you might have a lot of words to eat.

  45. So how does this story jibe with your other story that Dorsey is keeping the pick to himself and even Hue Jackson doesn’t know what he’s doing? Hey Hue, maybe you should call Mary Cabot.

  46. It’s possible none of these QBs will become good in the NFL. It’s also possible that none of the other highly rated players that the Browns might pick will make it. You put down your money and take your chances. If it doesn’t work out, the Browns will have another high pick next year and can try again.

  47. marooncat79 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 11:09 am
    Browns will trade their 2- 1st round draft picks to trade up to #11 with the mighty dolphins

    I prefer the Pastel Fish #goBills

  48. This is like XMAS EVE for football nutz like me and probably many of you.
    And it’s fun trying to be the armchair GM and predict who’s picking who.
    Have fun everyone. I’m still trying to figure what GB will do at #14. I’m thinking they move up to grab Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio St. He’s a press coverage player,… just what we need.
    It’s gonna cost us a 3rd to do it.

  49. If it is Darnold, he goes first. If not, take Chubb 1st. Neither Giants nor the Jets will take Allen or Mayfield so Browns can choose then. Watch Dorsey grab Jackson and make everyone’s head explode.

  50. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    April 25, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Brady is happy. He doesn’t want Baker in his division.


    Why would Brady be thinking about a player who is never on the field the same time he is and who is at least a couple of years away from developing?

  51. Just daydreaming here…living in fantasy land. What if the Browns take Barkley at #1, a QB at #4….then…do they have enough left to conjure up this years #33 and #35 plus a number one in 2019 to move back in and grab Chubb too? That would be going all in…a strong move…sort of like two years worth of drafting (2018-2019) put into this year. Fun for me to play GM in my mind…lol

  52. There are two guys in this draft that have Hall of Fame talent—Quenton Nelson and Saquan Barkley. The other talented players who could be all-pros include: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Derwin James, Bradley Chubb, Leighton Vander Esch, Roquan Smith, Vita Vea and Denzel Ward. Josh Rosen has the most talent at QB, but he needs to get with the right coach to be successful. Mayfield needs the right system (the teams with the right system for Mayfield don’t need a QB, except Dolphins or Saints). Darnold is young and needs a lot of development. If the Browns don’t take Rosen or Darnold, then they ought to take Barkley or Chubb with the #1 pick and then take either Barkley, Chubb or Nelson with the #4 pick, go with Taylor, at least for this year, and then go after a QB next year. QBs become a lot better when they have great players around them.

  53. I understand the confusion. As a Jaguars fan, I would be willing to have the Browns draft Rosen for me, then trade Bortles, my #1, and #2 pick. I assume some teams would be willing to sweeten the pot to the point that I feel this will be like 2004. The #! pick might get traded during the draft for an extra player or pick. As bad as the Browns have been, they need to wait to the last minute and see if somebody panics/overbids.

  54. If I were the Browns, I would take Barkley as #1 then Josh Rosen as #4 if he is still available, but maybe that’s too much to hope for.

  55. The draft process is too long and drawn out. Analyze anyone that long and you can find something to not like. Watch tape, trust your eyes instead of your ears, make your pick.

  56. hoping Browns will make the right decision on a Qb but think they will screw it up…Sad ……..

  57. Take Barkley at 1. If they want “to take a risk” on a QB, pickup manziel again for free, don’t waste a #4.

  58. Mayfield #1, Nelson #4.

    Alternately, Barkley #1, Chubb #4, and the best QB left at top of 2nd round or even trade back up into 1st round if someone unexpectedly falls.

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