Report: Dez Bryant turned down Ravens multi-year offer

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Dez Bryant is apparently willing to wait, and he’s willing to turn down a bird in the hand.

According to Dallas-based former ESPN reporter Ed Werder, the former Cowboys wide receiver turned down a multi-year offer from the Ravens.

Bryant apparently prefers to bet on himself with a one-year deal, giving himself a chance at the free agent market the Cowboys prevented him from enjoying this year.

The Ravens moved on, signing Saints restricted free agent Willie Snead to cap their offseason of churning the position. They also brought in free agents Michael Crabtree and John Brown and parted ways with Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin, and Michael Campanaro.

41 responses to “Report: Dez Bryant turned down Ravens multi-year offer

  1. Don’t see him fitting the Steve Smith/ Anquan Boldin role and he probably didn’t think Flacco would get him the ball enough to make the highlight reels – not a match for us – all the receivers we signed will be around for a year or two at the most – time to see if DeCosta can draft WR’s after Ozzie moves over

  2. eh, if true it really depends on what the number was…no way he takes a deal getting 3 or 4 mil a yr multi when I can get that in one year and then get a bigger deal the next

  3. tinye67 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 2:52 pm
    Careful Dez….I don’t think there’s many teams that are going to give you a big contract, much less a multi-year deal.

    Reading is fundamental…

    It says he passed up a multi-year deal. He wants a 1 year “prove it” deal. Those deals are generally much cheaper.

  4. Dez is doing this because he wants to get back at Dallas and Garrett in particular.

    As the saying goes; when seeking revenge, dig two graves, one for yourself.

  5. IF he gets a one-year contract to his liking, and IF. He plays at a high level, it will prove he dogged it the past few years. But IF he plays like he has during the past few years, it will prove that he is, in fact, washed up.

  6. Not a big Dez fan but he needs to produce big time to prove the doubters wrong. That’s impossible with Flacco as his QB, good move by not signing with the Ravens.

  7. He will wait as long as he can for an NFC East to come calling and if that fails he will try to go to Houston. Anything to stay on the Cowboys radar.

  8. Wonder what he’s after – maybe he’s looking for a one-shot deal with a contender, or just the biggest upfront payday.

    Either way, it’s his life, and I don’t see much reason for any of us to wish ill on him.

  9. I think scenario would more likely add to the body of evidence that Dak Prescott is incapable of getting the ball downfield.

    Mickey-1 says:
    IF he gets a one-year contract to his liking, and IF. He plays at a high level, it will prove he dogged it the past few years.

  10. Should have taken the multi year at whatever the price tag was.
    Who’s going to give him a big payday a year from now when he’s older?

  11. I’m guessing he wants to play for a team with a good quarterback and the Ravens do not fit that bill. The 500 yards receiving he would have had with the Ravens is not going to get him the money he was looking for.

  12. flaccodelic says:
    April 25, 2018 at 3:21 pm
    That’s a bullet dodged. Dez’s head is not in the right place at this point.

    And Flacco is a below-average QB. So I am wondering who dodged what?

  13. Peoples Republic of PFT says:
    April 25, 2018 at 4:07 pm
    If he doesn’t catch on a team because they view 1 year prove it deals as vet mins not “big” can we remember he turned down employment and it’s not the “C” word?


    No one is crying collusion every time someone doesn’t get picked up except the commenters on this site (some of them). Kaepernick has a fairly unique situation, and unfortunately was likely colluded against (I will let the courts make that call), but 99% of players who don’t get picked up aren’t crying collusion. Let it go or find some new material.

  14. Mickey-1 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 3:11 pm
    IF he gets a one-year contract to his liking, and IF. He plays at a high level, it will prove he dogged it the past few years.

    ORRRRRRRRR, it could prove that Dak is not the great QB most Dallas fans claims he is. Check-down-Charlie is what Dak is… it is Elliot’s team, Dak is just allowed to play too.

  15. When you haven’t played well, you take what you’re offered. This guy isn’t necessarily done, but he’s done being the #1 guy and he has to accept that if he wants his career to continue with any success.

  16. Why do you keep bashing Dallas for letting him go when the team did? The team “prevented” Bryant from an opportunity at the full market, but Bryant’s play prevented the team from getting even close to its money’s worth from the extension it gave him. HE EARNED THAT CONTRACT with his prior play, so he doesn’t need to apologize for not living up to it afterward…but likewise, THE TEAM EARNED THE RIGHT TO CUT HIM WHEN IT MADE THE MOST SENSE FOR THE TEAM given the money it paid out. Considering the AMPLE dead cap space Bryant will cost the team this year, I think it’s fair to say it didn’t owe him to the point of doing everything in his favor.

  17. When nobody else offers him anything he’ll go back to the Ravens and beg them to sign him. They’ll say “No thanks”.

  18. Us raven fans always felt a way about dez cause we had a chance to grab him but dallas jumped right in front of us .. cool any NFL fan you want the player you like to want to play for your team and he cleary didn’t want to play with us so good luck to him .. I can officially close the door on Dez Bryant to Baltimore

  19. What is he really going to prove? No one is going to sign him as a #1. He’s a #2 receiver now. 800 to 900 yards and 5 to 8 TDs

  20. Part of me would have liked Dez in Baltimore. The part that would finally see a player call out Joe. But interestingly I’ve never heard a player call him out. And we’ve had the personalities to do that: Steve Smith, Boldin, Mason, Torrey Smith, Wallace, Jacoby Jones, Maclin…
    But part of me is glad that Dez and his ego will be somewhere else.

    Good luck on your gamble there Dez.

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