Report: Teddy Bridgewater not guaranteed a roster spot


In just over 24 hours from now, the Jets likely have a new franchise quarterback. So what does that mean for the four quarterbacks currently on the team’s roster?

Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty become trade/release candidates, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports. But Teddy Bridgewater isn’t guaranteed a roster spot “at least until he shows he’s healthy” despite signing a one-year deal that included $500,000 guaranteed with the Jets last month.

Bridgewater, 25, has played only nine snaps the past two seasons.

He missed the 2016 season after a non-contact knee injury. Bridgewater returned last season and served as the backup part of last season. He went 0-for-2 with an interception.

Bridgewater showed promise his first two seasons, going 17-11 with a Pro Bowl appearance in 2015.

Josh McCown returns to the Jets after going 5-8 as their starter last season. He could begin the 2018 season as the starter, giving a rookie quarterback some time to develop.

12 responses to “Report: Teddy Bridgewater not guaranteed a roster spot

  1. “at least until he shows he’s healthy” despite signing a one-year deal that included $500,000 guaranteed with the Jets last month.”

    Oh no 500,000 guaranteed. Cap crippling move right there.

  2. He needs another year performung the role as a backup. I genuinely hope that he catches on somewhere if it isn’t with the Jets. Hell, if his knee needs more time then the Vikings should pick him up and place him on IR for the year.

    Trevor Siemian will be gone after this year and Cousins will probably be way too expensive to resign after his third year in Minnesota.

    Bridgewater is only 25/26, and can still carve out a great career as a starter in the NFL.

  3. Last I checked no one was guaranteed a roster spot in the NFL. If Tom Brady comes out and starts throwing 45% do you think Bill would still have him in the game? I think not.

    But Teddy is a unique case. Coming off a disastrous injury, I’m just glad he’s getting a chance. $500k is an investment but hardly a risk, and he might just surprise. Good luck to you Teddy. Here’s hoping you make that roster.

  4. I think this guy and Dalvin Cook both have as good a chance of resuming productive careers as Harry and Lloyd had of becoming Hawaiian Tropic Oil Boys.

    Which one do you think is Harry and which one is Lloyd?

  5. Jets GM M.Macagnon must find a QBOTF for the Jets. He is well aware of that hence signing 2 FA QB’s prior to trading up from 6 to 3 in the NFL draft. If Bridgewater can regain his health, he will make the roster. If not the Jets could opt to put him on the PUP list or IR.The fact remains tonight’s draft pick will be a QB for the Jets, the only question is: will it be the right one? Mac likes QB’s with prototypical size and strength. This is evident by his past selections which rarely develop( 4th rd Petty & 2nd rd. Hackenberg ). I am hoping Gang green can land either Darnold or Rosen. I also prefer Allen’s upside to Mayfield. This will be a franchise altering pick hit or miss. For the sake of us Jets fans let’s hope this pick is the one that ends the QB search for the next decade plus.

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