Reuben Foster’s accuser retracts claim of domestic violence

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San Francisco linebacker Reuben Foster is currently facing three felony charges in connection with a domestic violence accusation. But now the accuser has said through her lawyer that she lied to the police when she made a claim that Foster attacked her.

The lawyer, Stephanie Rickard, told the Sacramento Bee that Foster’s ex-girlfriend was actually injured in a fight with another woman and that she falsely claimed it was Foster who injured her.

“[Foster] did not strike her, injure her or threaten her,” Rickard said. “She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would ‘trash his career.’”

Prosecutors, however, have indicated they plan to move forward with charges against Foster even if his ex-girlfriend recants her previous claim.

Even if the woman’s changing story allows Foster to beat the felony charges of domestic violence and attempting to prevent a victim from reporting the crime, Foster also faces a third felony charge for possessing an assault weapon. The NFL will also conduct its own investigation and could suspend Foster even if charges are dropped or he is acquitted.

99 responses to “Reuben Foster’s accuser retracts claim of domestic violence

  1. If someone retracts a claim in a criminal case, it should be a requirement to reveal if a payoff was made

  2. I’m assuming the police gathered physical evidence. If there is evidence that he hit her, regardless of her not pursuing it, he needs to be cut.

  3. PAYOFF!!! Everyone knew this was coming! Hopefully this tool don’t get away with this!

  4. The prosecutor should file charges against the female then for filing a false police report (if it is false of course)…but they wont.

  5. Cover up complete.

    Goodell works in mysterious, but very obvious ways.

    Nobody knows this more than a pats fan.

  6. I guess we’re supposed to believe she just accidentally fell down a flight of stairs or something. None of us are in her shoes so we don’t know what she’s going through, but you hate to see this sort of thing resolved over what is likely a payout. If he’s guilty (wink, wink!) of what he was accused of, violence like this is rarely a one time deal and probably a regular occurrence.

    Meanwhile, while the PR department scurries to put the best spin on this at Levi Stadium, there are upstanding citizens working their tails off just to keep a spot on the practice squad. Keep up the great work, NFL. At least it’s not something serious like PSI measurements.

  7. Of course she does… it’s not like they had an argument over him having assault rifles that led to the fight that led to him punching her repeatedly in the face until her face was broken in. And then she called 911 over it. Totally just some random girlfight that happened in his house totally unrelated to him. Makes sense

  8. david irving’s victim also retracted her claim;

    so this is going to be the new normal;

    oh well, we all know by now how the system works.

  9. tylawspick6 says:

    April 25, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Goodell works in mysterious, but very obvious way
    Goodell has been pretty tough on domestic violence actually. As he should.

  10. If the court was going to smack him on the hand for this, which is most likely, then her taking what means more to him than she clearly does…his money! He should have to pay for doing that to her and maybe this is the best way for her to get justice. The problem is like said above…this would not have been the first time and will not be the last. So the pay out won’t change him. Maybe the court could have mandated counseling and anger management too. But if he doesn’t see what he does as wrong then he never will. He will be all wonderful to the next girlfriend and in time treat her the same. Sadly.

  11. 49ers faithful what a joke ,it doesn’t exist just look at the crowds at their games last year!

  12. John Lynch must have gotten assurances from Reuben that he was gonna threaten / pay her off and make sure she stayed silent and not go to court, like so so so many other domestic violence cases where witnesses and victims are intimidated and given hush money. Now Lynch has the false moral justification to keep his 1st rd pick on the roster, and conveniently enough Foster had this taken care of the day before the draft to make sure a guy like Georgia’s LB Smith wasn’t selected to take his place tomorrow night. Man, that is such impeccable timing for a victim to suddenly drop charges. Amazing how that works out huh? Almost as if that’s exactly what Mr Foster paid for…

  13. This is weird. Most accusers who get “paid off” go away quietly and refuse to cooperate, and the case gets dismissed. This woman has chosen to contradict her police report. So now she’s a liar one way or another. What’s the incentive? Why not just go away quietly with the hush money? Unless there is no hush money and Reuben actually never hit her.

  14. There was a liar in this story, we know that. One admits to lying while the story changes, the other story has not changed. Yet the majority here want to just assume guilt based on a proven liar’s testimony? And yes she is a proven liar. Either she lied to begin with out of anger or she is lying now for money…..but we know she has lied during this case.

  15. Isn’t this the same thing Zeke went through ? Her ex had a fight at a club and then claim Zeke did it and sent text she will ruin his career if he don’t pay her couple thousand. He was never charged and Goodell ignored all that and still suspend Zeke for 6 games. I wonder if the same thing will happen. Foster is being charged even though it might get dropped. Zeke was never charged and was found not guilty. Let’s see how this end

  16. Amazing how this happens. Foster must have met her price. Wonder what the woman will say if the DA files threatens to file charges against her for making false statements to the police?

  17. “it’s not like they had an argument over him having assault rifles that led to the fight.”

    Its crazy the fantasy scenarios people come up with.

  18. still should suspended because of the weapon and mag. no need for them to be in the hands of civilians

  19. On a serious note, if this isn’t the story that Foster gave Lynch and Shanahan, they should be cutting him now for lying. If Foster truly didn’t hit her, and she truly told him that she would ruin his career for breaking up with her, that should have been EXACTLY what he told them. There would be no excuse for that story to not match up.

  20. For those of you without experience dealing with victims of domestic violence, they recant and/or refuse to testify at about a 60 percent rate of all filed cases, especially in cases where the injuries aren’t extreme. They usually recant because of shame, pressure from the abuser or his family, they got back together with the abuser, etc. This is why many stay in the cycle of violence for years before they get out. It’s also why the first reported incident of domestic violence isnt the first incident of abuse.

  21. The NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott because his accuser testified to the NFL. If Foster’s accuser would not testify against him to the NFL then there is less reason to suspend him. OTOH, the NFL does not need evidence to suspend anyone, because the courts say that the NFL has broad powers to discipline players because of the collective bargaining agreement. So, if the Commish decides to suspend Foster, he can do it regardless of whether he has any case or not.

  22. Marie DeBartolo York is the owner of the 49ers. She is ultimately responsible for setting the boundaries. If she allows this guy to play, she should officially remove the DeBartolo name from her legal name.

  23. How about when these women lie, they serve they same punishment as the guy would have.Its crap like this that makes it rough for the women who are really victims.

  24. It seems less likely that the 49ers will pick a LB in the first round since they can almost be sure that Foster will stay a 49er, even if he is suspended by the league.

  25. With her recanting, there’s no realistic chance of criminal charges. If she’s covering for him, issues will arise again – cats like this don’t change their stripes.

  26. Translation…..we have reached an agreement on payment and non disclosure agreement…..ugh.

  27. “How about when these women lie, they serve they same punishment as the guy would have.”

    I agree, the Niners need to suspend her indefinitely. Unacceptable behavior!

  28. I tend to believe her retraction, it never made sense that if she was hit eight to ten times that her injuries were not much more severe. Reuben Foster is a very strong man, 8 to 10 punches from him would have left her unconscious or worse.

  29. lctftjc says:
    April 25, 2018 at 8:27 pm
    24 hours before the draft, classic. Guess Niners won’t be drafting his predecessor.
    Umm, predecessor?…nah, never mind. We’ve all mixed up our words, though it did make me smile!

  30. cabosan1978 says:
    April 25, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    Goodell has been pretty tough on domestic violence actually.

    That’s rich. Of the two cases where players committed egregious acts of domestic violence, the players got a combined 3 games of suspension, and the one case where domestic violence didn’t happen, the player got a 6-game suspension.

  31. Lying to the police is a crime. People should know that. It is legal to refuse to talk to the police but not legal to lie to them. Filing a false police report is a felony. That means the police can threaten her with a felony charge to force her to testify against Foster. That may be why she hired a lawyer. Her lawyer probably advised her as to what she should do to stay out of legal trouble.

  32. She is obviously not telling the truth. Her comments are geared towards keeping his career/her gravy train on the tracks. By her saying she intended to trash her career it makes it difficult for the NFL to suspend him or the 49ers to cut him. The cops/prosecutors believe she told the truth the first time so they can’t ethically pursue charges on her while still maintaining his prosecution.

  33. One more reason the niners will add to the over 2 decades without a championship. That franchise is a joke and more importantly puts up with this BS because they think it will help them win. I don’t believe in much but karma seams alive and well.

  34. The level of proof required for Goodell to suspend is very
    low. Goodell can act essentially with no limits. Elliot was
    suspended despite the findings or recommendations by the
    MFL’s own very experienced investigators that the victim lacked
    crediblity. The investigator recommended no suspension.
    If the police filed charges against Foster perhaps there are medical
    records and Statements. However, under the precedents in Brady and
    Elliot,, Goodell could actually state that after review of the evidence
    he is suoending Foster ..the evidence could be what Goodell read
    in a newspaper. Essentially the courts have no right to review.
    The Players Association blew it in the last CBA negotiations.
    Get all the details worked out BEFORE the cap/ money issues.
    Don’t wait until the eve of camp and after the money issues are done!

  35. Why on earth would this woman change her mind about the multi-millionaire NFL player ?

    ‘Amazing’ ! 😉

  36. “Assault weapon”?

    So, he had a fully automatic machine gun…in California?

  37. Very odd as Ray Rice’s woman wanted all charges dropped do the money would keep flowing despite the beating. Money and shiny objects have become the god, and right/wrong does not matter to too many folks. Principal is gone. Pathetic to live this way.

  38. They should investigate further though. If there was a payoff or if she lied. If he did it but there was a payoff then even if law enforcement cant do anything with the charges withdrawn the NFL and the 49rs will want to consider that. And if he was innocent and it was just a vindictive false charge then she should face charges for that. One way or another someone here has done something they should have to answer for.

  39. Maybe she doesn’t realize making false accusations could land her in jail. Maybe the pot of gold Foster gave her is worth the jail time.

  40. Or maybe Lynch waited it out because last season cutting Tramaine Brock hurt their CB depth and he ended up beating the charges and going to Minnesota.

    And what’s wrong Seahawks fans in this thread? Hearing the sound of a window shutting for good?

  41. nflfollower says:
    April 26, 2018 at 6:57 am

    There is reportedly video evidence of her fight with the other woman. As I’m sure many of you are aware, women do occasionally lie.

    That bird in the Ezekiel Elliott case was a sworn liar, and Elliott still got suspended for 6 games.

  42. pa1981 says:

    April 25, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    If there is a video of this girl fight then she should be charged
    Why would there be video of something that never happened?? Lol

  43. Well supposedly there’s video evidence of the accuser fighting somebody the day before this happened. If so, a lot of you guys chose to make judgmenets without facts, which seems like a recurring theme.

  44. Don’t know what info was available when this was published, but she also claims there is a video of the fight with the woman who beat her upl…

  45. number1hawkfan says:

    April 26, 2018 at 1:18 am

    One more reason the niners will add to the over 2 decades without a championship. That franchise is a joke and more importantly puts up with this BS because they think it will help them win. I don’t believe in much but karma seams alive and well.

    The seachicken organization looks like a joke right now. If it takes the 49ers another 20 years to win another title, that will be a fraction of the time it will take the seachickens to win another title. Enjoy your one super bowl cause it is the last one in your lifetime

  46. steeelfann0155 says:
    April 26, 2018 at 7:13 am
    Very odd as Ray Rice’s woman wanted all charges dropped do the money would keep flowing despite the beating. Money and shiny objects have become the god, and right/wrong does not matter to too many folks. Principal is gone. Pathetic to live this way.

    Spot on. How many times do we read a response to criticism of a player that indicates the amount of $ he makes proves he’s right?

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